I’m Looking for a Part-Time Entrepreneur’s Administrative Assistant

[Craig Peterson here again.  I posted this on oDesk, and thought I’d add it to my blog…]

Looking for a part-time/as-needed Administrative Assistant with solid small-business experience in a position that may grow into a full-time slot.

Must be an almost-native English speaker, have a positive, get-things-done attitude with a strong goal orientation and the ability to take initiative. Must be able to work primarily in the US Eastern (EST/EDT) TimeZone.

The selected candidate will be working with a business consultant who has a number of clients in different industries, and therefore must have a broad-based background.

This person will be working with a fairly unorganized team and will help provide some direction by being involved with the goal setting and performing follow-up functions with the various team members. All of the people the candidate will be working with are small business people whose responsibilities range from marketing and sales through finance and acquisitions all the way through technical people to implement various technologies.

It is extremely important that the candidate have the ability to achieve stated goals and overcome obstacles. Completing tasks independently with little hand-holding to get the job done is an absolute pre-requisite. Hand-holding is the last thing any of us have time to do, so a good entrepreneurial attitude coupled with understanding of small start-up stage business is a must.

As a consultant, change is our only constant as we set direction with at least three different companies and projects simultaneously.

Keeping up with the pace of change is critical and potential candidates must demonstrate a high degree of flexibility. Candidates must be capable of meeting the challenge of changing tasks and priorities. They must also be able multi-taskers who are comfortable with ambiguity, particularly since the full details of a project aren’t initially available, and will be changing over time.

Finally, the best candidate can demonstrate that they regularly take the initiative, going above and beyond the minimum requirements of the tasks. They must have a proven record of exemplary work.

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