Our New Business-Class Podcast Production Company’s Launched — Inc Cast

We’ve produced more than 1,000 professionalbroadcast-quality Podcasts for businesses throughout the world over the past four years, so we thought it was time to spin out a new company we’re calling IncCast.

Hundreds of companies have approached us for help in reaching and staying in contact with their best prospects, to build trust and confidence, which ultimately leads to a profitable relationship. Many of them have found that there is no better way than to have professionals orchestrate this personal relationship. Enter IncCast.

IncCasts are designed and produced to help businesses get their messages out to their prospects. Whether a company has a long-tail pool of 5,000 prospects world-wide or millions within the boarders of a single country, IncCasts can reach the right audience with a well honed, professional, but friendly message.

IncCasting has to be heard and seen to be appreciated, so we’re building a new web site at www.IncCast.com Right now we’re replaced the entire site with a place-holder, but we’ll have some good information, samples and subscriptions up there within the next 6 to 8 weeks. Until then, give us a call for more information!

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