Best Practices in Authentication Still Mostly Ignored By Businesses

How do cybercriminals breach into corporate systems?  They use many tactics but on of the easiest is through the use of compromised credentials.  The problems is that these are real valid credentials that the cybercriminal has acquired or purchased and because they are valid they are accepted by the preventative assets you have put in place.  Unfortunately many companies are still not adhering to best practices in password security or employing multifactor authentication for access to their network services. Hackers work to take over accounts through phishing schemes and then work their way through the network in order to access and exfiltrate sensitive privileged data. While many companies believe that Multi-factor authentication is only for the largest firms, let me expel that notion right now by telling you that no matter how small your organization, multi-factor authentication should be seen an absolute security measure in this day and age. 


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