Electronic “Bombs” Being Developed in China

Electromagnetic Pulses that can wipe out entire big cities’ infrastructure are reported as being developed by the Chinese.  These EMPs are intended to be used to disable any and all electronic devices.

For years, a determined caucus of doomsayers in the U.S. have done their best to raise the alarm about the dangers of a king-sized electromagnetic pulse (EMP) wiping out American electronics. The result: a return, if not quite to the Stone Age,then to the Mad Men Era.

The Chinese are “developing high power radio frequency devices that could form the basis for some types of RFweapons.” the 2001 study says. And Beijing is at least considering an EMP “weapon against Taiwan’s electronic infrastructure,” the 2005 paper notes.

“The most likely configuration is a system consisting of one or more large antennas that would beam HPM [high power microwave] pulses from the earth’s surface toward a satellite in an attempt to negate on-board sensors,” according to the 2001 report. “Other possibilities are a RF missile warhead launched on a direct-ascent trajectory and an RF satellite carrying an HPM transmitter that would be placed in orbit and then upon command would maneuver into the vicinity of a target satellite.”