Call 611 Now — Hackers Breach 1M Cellular Customers


Cybercriminals will go after anyone who has an expolitable vulnerability.  Businesses must work to protect themselves and must put into place an incident response plan along with a disaster recovery plan which can be implemented when a breach occurs.  With attack surfaces expanding it is harder and harder for companies establish a an unpenetrateable cybersecurity network. Even the largest companies are coming under attack. Cybercriminals current target appears to be cellular carriers.  First it was Verizon, then AT&T and now cybercriminals have hit T-Mobile with an estimated breach involving over one millions accounts. However, they did have an incident response plan and disaster recovery plan in place which they began to exercise.  These plans required notification of every account holder should their information be breached. It is vital that you make sure that companies with which you do business have your current contact information, so they can promptly get ahold of you in the event of a breach. T-mobile has contacted every customer involved in the breach. However,  If you are a T-mobile user you can call 611 to assure that your information was not included in the breach.

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