2017 Top 10 Emerging Threats: Number 7 – Understanding IoT security

The Internet of Things (IoT) appears on our list again this year as the channel still tries to work out how it is going to adopt this movement and harness the opportunities the technology presents for partners and customers alike.

But quite specifically this year, the issue with the IoT is security, and the channel’s wavering on how to address this specific IoT issue and take a firm position on it.

We have all been heavily focused on what the IoT actually means for the channel: Where are the opportunities? How should partners weave the IoT into their offerings? What are the benefits for customers? Which verticals are most likely to benefit from the IoT? How can we make money off of the IoT? But a concerted focus on security has been lacking, largely because of the focus on these unanswered questions and because of the questions themselves.