3 Tips to Schedule Your Week for Peak Creative Performance

Have you ever wondered how you could:

  • Balance working with your clients with working on your own ideas?
  • Stop putting off the stuff you hate, but still have to do?

Amber Rae asked herself these questions, and came up with a solution that has worked well for her.  Plan the week in advance and include “me time.”

“In my first attempt, I mapped out my day hour by hour, squeezing in all the elements of what I defined as an “ideal day.” After a few weeks, I ended up feeling like a robot and the predictability was anything but inspiring.

“That’s when I decided to zoom out and think more about the categories of an ideal day and how I can batch my time to be most effective.

“My problem became more clear: How do I make sure I’m getting stuff done, taking care of myself, making time from for play, and actively pushing myself outside my comfort zone?”

Read the whole article at Fast Company, and see her weekly schedule.  Let me know if it it works for you.