Accurate Measurements of Ancient Carbon Dioxide Help Answer the Human Cause Question

We have been seeing daily headlines on record-breaking temperatures, dwindling sea ice, and retreating glaciers around the world.

But in the global-warming debate, definitive answers to questions about ultimate causes and effects remain elusive. Is our planet really destined for a hot future? Or are we simply experiencing a natural variation in Earth’s climate cycles that will return to “normal” in time?

Using carbon dioxide and temperature variations over the last 400,000 years – one Massachusetts-based company, has attempted to answer the question: a natural cycle or human consequence?

Tim Wormus, an an Analytics Evangelist for Spotfire has come with a sophisticated quantitative and statistical analysis and predictive modeling supported by powerful visual information technology. In fact, many of the most successful businesses in the world – including U.S. government agencies like the FAA, FDA, and homeland defense and national security – rely on analytics like a virtual crystal ball.

  • People understand pictures better than data. The famous ‘hockey stick’ graph was the image that really demonstrated man-made global warming in the popular mind. This is really the key point. For most people to really understand something, they need to see it.
  • Hindsight is 20/20, but this is just not good enough in a dynamic global economy. Decision makers needs to know how to predict the future so that they can take proactive actions, rather then be constantly reacting to problems and fighting fires, as the cliché goes. Analytics software, like Spotfire, is changing the speed and accuracy of decision-making and opening new doors of opportunity by applying “what-if” scenarios to real-time data.
  • Technologies like Spotfire allow for the ready analysis of data from disparate or contrasting sources. If, for instance, we want to know how much a particular abatement strategy will cost, and how much it will help against global warming, it helps to be able to see those things together.
  • Visual analysis allows for a fuller picture of what’s happening to CO2 emissions, warming and other associated issues. Because the data volumes are large, we tend to talk about averages. But it may be more important to look at outliers and extreme values.
  • Technology innovation like that of Spotfire directly addresses other critical issues like world energy demands, healthcare quality, transportation safety decision-making, and homeland defense and national security.

Tim Wormus – A biography

Tim is an Analytics Evangelist for Spotfire, a division of TIBCO Software Inc., He is responsible for tracking and analyzing Analytics and Business Intelligence trends, as well as advocating their use and acceptance at Global 200 companies. Tim has published and lectured on analytics, including presenting an analytics tutorial at the Gartner Business Intelligence Summit and appearing on a panel with analytics guru Tom Davenport.

Spotfire is based in Somerville, Mass., Spotfire, a division of TIBCO Software Inc., is a leading provider of enterprise analytics software for next generation business intelligence. Spotfire provides an interactive, visual approach to data analysis that puts the power to ask and answer questions on demand directly into the hands of a wide range of business professionals. Spotfire customers include industry leaders among the Global 2000 such as AMD, Chevron, Merck, Pfizer, Shell, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, and Unilever.

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