[ALERT] The Newest Intel Vulnerability that makes 90% of All Computers Easily Hacked

A new year, a new significant vulnerability is found by security researchers in Intel processors manufactured over the last ten years.

Bloomberg reports that approximately 90 percent of servers and laptops have Intel chips. And that means your computer.

According to The Register, who first discovered the bug, the vulnerability allows for unauthorized programs to discern the “layout or contents of protected kernel memory areas.”

If you’re running Windows, Linux, or macOS, something as simple as the JavaScript in your browser could theoretically gain access to the area of your computer that protects passwords.



At the moment, there aren’t many options other than to sit tight and wait for a patch — something the folks at Microsoft are planning on releasing soon.

If you’re running MacOS High Sierra, the bug is already fixed.

As The Register explains, “It has to be fixed in software at the OS level.”

So, once again the advice is to “upgrade your software.”

I’ll be bringing everyone up-to-date during my radio show Saturday morning at 11 AM E/T. You can listen online at http://bit.ly/1D1n6ZT

Another path? Security researcher Martijn Grooten jokingly suggested just removing your “Intel Inside” sticker. But then, this problem needs to be fixed in software…



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