Beware Fake Pokemon GO App

An imposter Pokemon GO app has made it’s way onto the Google Play Store in an attempt to swindle hopeful Pokemon trainers into compromising their security. Those that were waiting to download the popular AR application from The Pokemon Company and Niantic, or live in a region that the game hasn’t been officially released in yet should be wary of this fake version of the game when looking to download Pokemon GO.

Discovered by an IT security firm called Proofpoint the unofficial Pokemon GO app has a modified APK with a RAT. No rattata’s here, this APK contains a remote access tool which can give cybercriminals full access to the device it’s installed on. Having a RAT installed on your device means those responsible for the fake app will be able to modify and delete data, as well as track your location and take pictures and videos etc. Known as Droidjack or SandroRAT the malicious software was noticed less than 72 hours after Pokemon GO made it onto the store.