2019 Breaches

Poorly Secured Server Leaked Real Time GPS Data From App

Who: Family Locator App # of Accounts Breached: More than 238,000 users. What was affected: User’s name, email address, profile photo, ​and their plaintext passwords. When it happened: 20 Mar 2019 How it happened: A popular family tracking app was leaking the...

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Email System at Navicent Health targeted in Cyber Attack

Who: Navicent Health When: 15 Mar 2019 # of records involved: 270,000 What happened: Navicent Health was the victim of a cyber attack that targeted its email system last July.How did it happen: Navicent Health was the victim of a cyber attack, in which an unauthorized...

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Leaky Database at Third Party Medical Service Provider

Who: MediTab Software, Inc. When: 19 Mar 2019 # of records involved: Possibly up to 6 Million What happened: Meditab Software Inc. and MedPharm Services have suffered a massive breach of protected health information. How did it happen: Meditab also provides a fax...

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Data Breach against AZ Medicaid Agency

Who: Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System When: 11 Mar 2019 # of records involved: 3,100 individuals What happened: Thousands of Arizonans were affected by a data breach earlier this year that targeted the state’s Medicaid agency. How did it happen: An internal...

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