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Enter TV hacking — courtesy of our government!

You have heard about Jailbreaking your phones to access new apps and features — well the government has now said its OK to do the same to your “Smart TV.”

Once done you can install third party software which is not a problem. However, there are those who will use this technology to accomplish their nefarious purposes such as watching and listen to you through your TV.  Now that will be a problem.

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Reviewers Say Apple TV Is Promising Start to ‘the Future of TV’

Apple’s new set-top box is finally here, and it’s a big improvement over older models. The new Apple TV, which retails for $149, is playing catch-up to streaming devices like Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV and Google’s Nexus Player. Apple has billed the device as “the future of TV,” and while it’s not quite that—the company’s actual cable-killer is still under wraps—reviewers are saying that the user experience on the new Apple TV is second-to-none.

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Russian ships may be preparing to attack the global internet

US government sources have revealed to the New York Times growing concerns that Russian naval vessels may be threatening the global internet infrastructure. Russian ships have been seen tracing out the routes of the trans-oceanic cables that carry the vast majority of the world’s internet traffic around the world. Russian ships seem to be deliberately staying close enough to these cables to use their attached submersibles, which the US says could descend and sever the lines — or perhaps tap them. The sheer number of ships involved has been described by senior diplomats as comparable to the Cold War.

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Robotics for Humanity

In 2005 Bruno Maisonnier decided to leave the banking sector to take part into an uncommon adventure: the creation of a humanoid robot. That was the beginning of Aldebaran Robotics, a start up that brought together a few engineers and PhDs. In 8 years, Bruno Maisonnier’s incredible enterprise became a solid society, in which more than 300 people are currently employed. His robot, NAO, is commercialised all over the world, in the most prestigious universities as a research platform (Carnegie Mellon, Berlin University, Stanford, Tokyo University, Harvard…).

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Autonomous Drone Built for Man

Torquing Group Ltd was established in 2011, bringing together resources and skills from Torquing Robotics Ltd and Torquing Technology Ltd. The company specialises in Research and Development and rapid prototyping focusing on solving problems by providing platforms for new technology to be developed from.

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Phenomenal Camera with a Story to Tell

Giovanni Tomaselli is founder and CEO of iON America and its sister company, World Wide Licenses Ltd. (WWL), which he formed in 1993. For more than 20 years, WWL has been involved in the design, development and manufacturing of digital imaging products for leading brands worldwide, including Kodak, Disney and Polaroid.

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