Flaw in some Intel Atom chips has reportedly been bricking products for at least 18 months

According to a new report, a flaw in Intel Atom C2000 family of chips has been bricking systems for at least 18 months. Speaking with an anonymous industry source, The Register reports that the flaw in question, which was recently acknowledged by Intel in an update to its documentation, was first noticed by engineers when return rates started spiking around 18 months ago.

From The Register:

The well-placed insider, who spoke to The Register on condition of anonymity, said the problem – which results in bricked systems – became apparent to engineers at product makers when the return rate on gear spiked about 18 months ago.

It took additional time to figure out that Intel’s hardware was responsible. The vendor in question worked with Intel engineers during this period to replace affected units under manufacturer warranty. Then about two months ago, Intel acknowledged the issue was with its chip blueprints, the source said.


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