How To Make Real Money – Become a Published Author Using Free Software

Are you fond of writing books?   Have you stored a lot of photos on your hard disk or CD / DVD?  Then, why don’t you start creating a book and sell it?

The free innovative software, BlurbBookSmart, from Blurb will do all the above for you — and help you sell your works when they’re done.

Blurb is a creative book publishing platform that enables anyone – photographers, bloggers, artists, writers, travelers, families, anyone – to produce quality books.  To start a Blurb book, simply visit and download Blurb’s free BookSmart software to your PC.  If you are using Mac or Windows, it doesn’t care.  It works on cross platform.

Blurb has created pre-defined layouts designed by designers, which will help you to create your own books. You can pick up any of the layouts designed by professional book designers and many tools to customize your book. It’s as easy as “dragging and dropping” your content into the layouts of your choice.

You can create books from any formats and insert images, edit texts and many more.  It has a good collections of font support and image library to manage images.  You can shoot your own images and import photos from your collection –  digital camcoder, CD / DVD or any other format.

You can create many types of books – PhotobooksBusiness BooksWedding BooksBlog BooksCook Book, etc.  If you are not familiar with book ideas, you can take help from blurb support or join Blub Forum.

Blurb offers four book sizes – 7×7”, 10×8”, 8×10” and 13×11”.  You can produce your book in softcover, hardcover with a dust jacket, or hardcover ImageWrap. ImageWrap is a brand new offering from Blurb that prints your cover image directly onto the front and back of the book, resulting in a sophisticated matte finish.

Blurb’s BookStore and online marketing tools let people share, market and sell their books, and keep 100% of the markup.

Blurb produced nearly 90,000 unique titles in 2007. Blurb was recently honored with a Webby Award for Best Services Website of 2008.

Self-published photography books are undergoing a renaissance with the democratization of publishing and this year.  Blurb is presenting photographyBookNow – an international Salon & Symposium series of events along with a photography book competition open to anyone who’d like to submit their self-published work.  The deadline to enter is July 14 and the grand prize is $25,000.   For more details, check out

If you are facebook member, you can use now use Blurb’s new GroupBook application to collaborate on a book project with your Facebook friends.  Initiate a project and invite your friends to contribute photos through the GroupBook application.  You can all view everyone else’s contributions…making it a fun bookmaking experience for the group.

Chad Jennings
VP, Product Design

Chad Jennings – A biography

Chad was one of the first members of the Blurb team and helped build the company’s user-friendly and professionally-designed BookSmart software.

Before being enticed into the world of books with Blurb, Chad was the face behind many an interface during his days at Method and SmartDesign, working with brands like Gucci, Macromedia, Reuters, HP, Samsung and Palm to give consumer products a friendly interface.

Blurb is a startup that allows anyone to create customized books (as in, a real, tangible book that you can hold).  Using the company’s BookSmart software (Mac and PC), users can create photo books, portfolios, business books, wedding books, blog books and more.  Books can either be created for self-use or shared, marketed and sold at cost or for profit in Blurb’s online bookstore. Blurb authors get to keep 100% of the book’s mark-up.

In October of 2007, the company introduced features that let users collaboratively create books and share photos.

Blurb initially launched in May of 2006 with a tool to turn your blog into a book. The service has since been expanded.   Many of Blurb’s competitors like Lulu and iUniverse tend to focus on creating books out of manuscripts, rather that photo-oriented books. Picaboo appears to be Blurb’s closest competitor.

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