“In Case of Emergency” Apps

There are two major categories of “In Ease of emergency” apps. One of them provides basic emergency contact information and comes with smart phones including IOS and Android. The other type of app goes further and allows you to keep information about your health insurance, medical records, automobile insurance, and even allows you to look up relevant facts to help you deal with a medical emergency.

What Comes With Your SmartPhone

Apple iOS

Open the Apple Health app. It’s been present on all iPhones since September 2014. It will guide you through the setup.


Setting up ICE on your Android device isn’t as clean. It depends on which version of Android you’re running, but you might have an emergency contact feature under your phone’s settings. It might be hidden under My Information. In many cases, you may end up with free-form text that scrolls across your lock-screen.

More Advanced App

ICE Standard

The world’s #1 emergency medical contact information app, which includes the ICE Standard 3 color-coded medical status to provide a baseline for triage and the ICE Standard Screen Image for your lock screen wallpaper.

It is recommended on the websites of over 9,500 hospitals, medical clinics and medical schools in the United States.

ICE Standard ER puts your health information and emergency medical contacts on your phone’s lock screen wallpaper, so if you are in an accident, EMTs and first responders can find your health information as soon as they turn on your phone.

The ICE Standard ER Auto edition also includes:

  • A walkthrough of the right things to do if you’re in an accident, ensuring you handle the situation safely and efficiently.
  • The ability to create, store, and send complete accident reports to your insurance company to assist them in handling your case.
  • The means to store your insurance, AAA, and vehicle details in one convenient place, so you can refer to them quickly when you need to.
  • Online storage of your accident reports, so you won’t lose them if you lose your phone.
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