Intel unveils a drone made for aerial light shows

Intel isn’t just using drone swarms to show off its robotics prowess — it’s building a business around them. The chip maker has unveiled the Shooting Star, a quadcopter drone tailor-made for light shows. Its companion software automates the animation process, telling the drone horde where to fly to create an intended image — it’ll even choose drones based on remaining battery life and GPS reception quality. Light shows that took weeks to design can now be ready in a matter of days, Intel says. You only need one pilot to run everything, and the LED light at the heart of the drone can shine in any of 4 billion color combinations.

The hardware is designed to minimize damage if there’s ever an accident. It’s built out of foam, flexible plastic and caged propellers that protect the human audience below. Shooting Star can fly in light rain, as well, so that big night won’t be ruined by less-than-perfect weather.