Key Tricks to Keep Your Business Productive During Vacation

Summer and Year-End are always a slow time for business and many people take off from work.  It creates more problem for small business owners since they have a small team and they primarily rely on people support to move their business ahead.  It’s a great challenge to manage a lot of things.  For them, it’s like moving ahead with a handicapped leg.

So, let’s look at some ideas that you can use to overcome these obstacles / challenges during these summer.

  • Biggest challenge is working around other people’s vacation schedules to get things done
  • Work with web designer for improvement and keep update the contents
  • Need to be very persistent and methodical in following up with people in order to keep projects moving along and meet deadlines
  • Keeping the blog alive during this summer
  • Adding a podcast features or add more podcasts on the site
  • Incorporating RSS or widget capability to your website
  • Summer is a great time for innovation due to the larger blocks of uninterrupted time!
  • You can also do some marketing activities since it will give some leads once you end the summer
  • Plan ahead for the coming months
  • Summer is a great time to network – you can talk to others about how they are incorporating new technologies
  • Summer is a great time to attend an industry trade show and see how technology advances are changing your industry
  • Summer is a good time to implement changes that affect limited number of individuals in your company (e.g. – a new electronic filing system for business cards that only an Administrative Assistant would use).
  • Hold off on implementing changes that involve training everyone in your company (e.g. – new computer system, new video e-mail software) until everyone’s back from vacation => minimizes potential confusion/disruption
  • Also, you can work on new product development

Scott Swaney
Swaney Sports Consulting

Scott Swanay – A biography

Scott Swanay
 is a fully qualified statistical wizard and sports guru. He graduated from Harvard in 1987 with a degree in Applied Math & Computer Science, and worked as an actuary for the next 17 years, holding a series of positions with increasing levels of responsibility. He completed a series of ten rigorous exams to become a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society (FCAS) in 1998.

In 2004, Scott decided to combine his great knowledge of sports with his statistical and analytical expertise, leaving his previous field to pursue his dream full-time.  He spent the next two years developing the database that led to the creation of Fantasy Baseball Sherpa, a sports projecting web-site that stands out in the many, because Scott, the statistical expert, has figured out how to include unique elements into the player predictions.

About Swaney Sports Consulting:

Swanay Sports Consulting, located in New York, NY.  Swanay Sports Consulting’s line of business is business consultingservices.

Fantasy Baseball Sherpa offers customized baseball player rankings for fantasy baseball team owners.   New Fantasy Baseball Sherpa product forecasts players’ performance for the rest of the season – it’s the first product of its kind!  He is also developing a Fantasy Football Sherpa website – will be launched later this summer.

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