Peeling the Apple — Amazon Introduces a Web-Based Kindle

I’ve praised the denigrated Apple’s policy of being so tightly controlling with all of the software which it allows to be run on an iPad or iPhone.  It’s a true double-edged sword which has hampered software developers and users alike, but has also provided Apple with the most secure operating system on the market today.

Enter Apple’s big competitors.  How can they provide software to run on the iPad which doesn’t meet Apple’s various rules about software?  How about if they don’t want to pay Apple’s 30% royalty fee on the software, or their fees on downloaded content for your app?  It’s a problem that has been facing with their Kindle application.  The solution?  New HTML5 technology which is integrated with the best browsers on the Internet today.

Amazon has just released its Kindle eBook reader called the “Kindle Cloud Reader“.  It works on any HTML5-powered device, including the Google Chrome browser, Apple’s Safari, and of course Safari on the iPad (iOS 4+).

Now you can access your entire Kindle library, shop their store anywhere you have a browser.  It is also smart enough to do a download of the book you’re reading so that you can read off-line (when your computer/tablet isn’t online).

So, in solving their problems with Apple’s policies, Amazon has produced what will likely be a very nice option for people to be able to read their Amazon content.