Pitfalls of the Connected Home – ‘Back To The Future’ Hoverboard Never Took Off – Florida Couple vs Apple’s ‘Wifi Assist’ – BlackBerry back starting at $700 – Wear Your Safety

Pitfalls of the Connected Home (Part 2)

In an effort to save money this summer, I tried painting the exterior of our home by myself. How hard can it be? Well, when I stood back and surveyed my work, it was completely uneven and mismatched. Some jobs, I learned, require a professional.

The same lesson applies for trying to connect my home to the Internet. As I explained last week, the result was mostly a disaster. And based on readers’ responses, I know I’m not alone. One reader told me a story about a “smart thermostat” that turned the heat on during the summer and killed the pet goldfish.

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Why a ‘Back to the Future’ Hoverboard Never Took Off

We were promised hoverboards. And if you’re angry because we don’t have them, the movie that planted the dream might also be to blame.

When it came out in 1989, “Back to the Future II” suggested we would be bouncing off walls and racing cars while floating above the ground, all with the ease of a skateboard. Our futuristic and really fun transportation device would surely arrive by Oct. 21, 2015. (Yes, we’re milking a meme here, but for a good cause: hoverboards.)

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Florida Couple Files $5 Million Suit Against Apple Over ‘Wi-Fi Assist’

A Florida couple is suing Apple for $5 million, claiming the company is misleading consumers about the data charges they’ll incur through the new Wi-Fi Assist feature that’s part of the latest mobile operating system.

William and Suzanne Phillips filed suit Friday in U.S. District Court in San Jose, accusing Apple of deceptive business practices, false advertising and misrepresentation. The couple is seeking class-action certification, saying other consumers have been harmed by this feature of iOS 9.

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BlackBerry’s Priv Android Slider Phone up for Preorder at $699

We knew BlackBerry’s Android slider phone would be expensive, but at least the Priv isn’t as pricey as it could have been.

BlackBerry started taking preorders for the phone Friday, but at $699, not the $749 price some had feared. That puts the device in the same ballpark as an unsubsidized iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and gives the phone a fighting chance if high-end phone buyers find they like the design and value the security and privacy features BlackBerry has added to Google’s Android.

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Wear Your Safety

A Wearable Band that Bonds

The kind of product that is not just watching out for you, but also watches over your family. An assurance that you can monitor your kids even if you are not there.

Evan Lazarus, CTO of Safe Family, shares more about PAXIE™ on Tech Talk With Craig Peterson.

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Fusion of Fashion and Efficient Wearables

At BURG, we are dedicated to creating wearable technology that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. By creating a wonderful synergy between cutting edge technology and avant-garde, Dutch design BURG truly makes Wearables not only functional, but fashionable as well. Where most Wearable companies focus on pairing their Smartphones to their Smartwatches, BURG sets itself apart by exclusively producing autonomous Smart Phone Watches that can phone and text without tethering to a Smartphone, making BURG ‘The Smarter, Smart Phone Watch.”

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Smart Eyewear That Can Save Your Life

“Quality should not be a question or surcharge; people just deserve it. You deserve it. Reliability, precision, and peace of mind. That’s why we ensure that our products are of the highest quality – and if something is not up to your standards, then it is certainly not to ours.” – JINS

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