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Invoicing to a client is a century old story and it’s still existing. Now, technology enables company from physical book of record to online book keeping. There are a lot of accounting software available to do this work. You might be using it daily for book keeping purposes. But, you feel it is boring and painful exercise to enter and re-enter the data to get an invoice. Invoicing will continue for long, but we don’t how long, but it will go beyond our life.

It’s even pain if some clients insists a copy by snail mail. We have come up a simple solution to blending century old book keeping to new technology. Keeping financial record should be easy, fast, simple (and perhaps even fun), but still detailed enough to satisfy your accountant.

We have seen many people / companies are struggling with tools like Word and Excel for invoicing or with QuickBookswhich is completely bloated for their needs.

Here an alternative and some relief to those who raises frequent invoices to clients. FreshBooks has made it very simple so that you create and send invoices in seconds. FreshBooks simplifies the billing process, transforms the way entrepreneurs and their customers look at invoicing.

FreshBooks is an easy to use online invoicing service that re-invents how professionals, freelancers and small businessesinvoice their clients and helps them save time, get paid faster and look super professional. FreshBooks was built from the ground up to address the highest level invoicing needs/pains of our customers – saving time, getting paid faster and looking super professional. Your data deserves to be safe, secure, and accessible to you.

It also keeps track time and expenses. You can send your invoices by email and even by snail mail depending on your client’s requirement. You can automate the invoices and do a follow-up reminders for those who have not paid. All these are possible and automated too to make your life much easier. You can import and export your data and prepare a report too.

FreshBooks has tie ups with major online payment channels such as and many more.

Save time:

If you only send 3 invoices a month, this new service will be a huge help because it will be so easy. No envelopes or stamps to buy. No trips to the mailbox. Sometimes it takes you weeks to get around to actually mailing your invoices. Now there will be no time wasted between when you want to invoice your client and when you do invoice them.

Time spent to do billing has been reduced. On average – 4.5 hours a week / billing cycle. Payment waiting time is cut by 14 days, on an average.

Save Money:

Take a moment and imagine you (or your client) have 5,000 clients that you manually send invoices to every month using the ground postal service. To mail all those invoices probably costs around $2,500/month in postage, plus materials, plus time and effort. The total expense is probably about $50,000/year plus a whole lot of wasted time. Ouch. How do you stop that kind of pain? By helping transition those 5,000 ground mail invoice clients to 5,000 online billing clients and by transitioning them smoothly.

Imagine saving about $50,000, just by sending your invoices by email instead of by post. It really could be that easy. The trick is to get your clients from “snail mail” to email to save that money, and that’s where FreshBooks comes in. That’s what we are going to help you, your clients and their clients do.

Most of the Freelancers, professionals and small businesses make up a massive market place. But they also make up one of the most under-serviced markets because individually they are small. People from 100+ countries are using FreshBooks and then nos are increasing.

You can test it before you become a FreshBooks user. To know about the different pricing options, click here.

Mike McDerment

Mike McDerment – A biography

Mike McDerment is the CEO and co-founder of FreshBooks. An entrepreneur with two successful start-ups to his name, Mike talks faster than he writes and can deftly juggle and keep his eye on hundreds of balls at one time. Mike is a founder of the mesh conference, lecturer at Humber College and a frequent speaker at Internet conferences. See what Mike’s up to by reading his blog or catching his latest Twitter updates. Mike loves his work, and would rather be outdoors than inside.

We know billing is a pain. We know you have tried tools like QuickBooks, Excel and Word to create your invoices and manage your books. That’s why we built FreshBooks – because you need something that works well and gets the job of billing your clients done – without the pain. What pain you ask? The QuickBooks pain of having to do 100 steps to get one thing done. The Excel pain of poorly formatted invoices. The Word pain of keeping track of who has paid and how much remains outstanding.

We designed FreshBooks to attack those problems, and to create a solution that made it easy to handle billing and invoices.


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