Protect your sensitive data with digitally encrypted software

It is very important for a company to secure its vial and critical data. It is very private and some information is very sensitive. Most of the accounts data are very important for an organization so as medical record for a hospital. And, banks and financial institutions are highly critical.

In today’s world most of the companies are dispersed in different geographical location and information is exchanged through emails, it is very critical to have a secured way to communicate and exchange files. Most of the enterprises are looking ways to protect their data beyond anti-virus and firewalls.

Daily more identity thefts, security breaches are happening in different parts of country. It’s doubling day by day and companies are trying to develop new products to kill this problem. You can read latest news on security breaches below.

Consumers have had hard time protecting their personal data, which is kept on their hard disks. Sometimes, these above news make them panic and persuade to look for more secured way of storing data. It is very difficult to protect the data loss and data theft.

But to some extent it can be prevented by incorporating latest encryption codes. Here is a solution that offer simple and easy to use for small businesses and consumers. Secure Zip by PKWARE combines file compression with encryption and an X.509 digital certification process to provide simple, effective email security without an expense security infrastructure…something small businesses can’t even entertain.

It is free for consumers / individual users for limited period. It can save and send secure documents directly from your Microsoft Office Suite. It is tightly integrated with other office email clients so that your email attachments are safe and secured. You can try the product by just providing your email id.

Securezip will protect all your stored data and transmitted data. SecureZIP is the industry-leading security and compression utility that zips and unzips files, greatly reducing transmission times and storage requirements, while securely protecting data in transit and at rest.

SecureZIP allows you to exchange data securely with a wide variety of systems including mainframemidrangeserver and desktop systems. It protects mail server gateways too. SecureZIP supports both passphrase and digital certificates, offering flexible security that meets varying requirements within business environments.

SecureZIP also improves processing efficiencies and security. Application Integration1 streams data directly in and out of the application. Other products require the zip file to be extracted into a data file before it can be read by an application. Application Integration eliminates this step, improving operational efficiency by reducing the number of steps needed to process data and security by not staging decrypted data to disk. Digital certificates also authenticate the file’s sender to assure recipients that the communication received can be trusted and has not been altered or tampered with in any way.

SecureZIP automatically installs an X.509 digital certificate and provides global directory services so files can be securely exchanged with others without requiring passwords. When a user sends an email and attachment, SecureZIP retrieves the public key of the recipient from the SecureZIP Global Directory and encrypts the information using that key. The recipient can then open the encrypted file using their private key.

More than 25,000 companies, including 60% of the Fortune 100, are using SecureZip. SecureZip recently launched its new and updated version SecureZip12.1. You can also have the review of this product at PC Magazine.

Jim Peterson
Chief Scientist

Jim Peterson – A biography

Jim Peterson is the Chief Scientist at PKWARE. Jim has been developing commercial software products for over 20 years. Since joining PKWARE in 1994, he has held various leadership roles in product development. He continues to drive the evolution of .ZIP technology, focusing on ensuring the ZIP format remains a secure and interoperable standard. Prior to joining PKWARE, Mr. Peterson held engineering roles at several companies where he was responsible for designing and developing healthcare management, warehouse automation, and financial accounting applications.

About PKWARE and SecureZIP

, the largest global software company providing ZIP solutions, is the creator and continuing innovator of the ZIP standard for file compression. PKWARE products are used to ensure the security and portability of data across all major platforms. Hundreds of global organizations in financial services, banking, retail, healthcare, government, and manufacturing use PKWARE services daily.