Reverse Alzheimer’s Damage – What’s with Mars? – Big Security Fix for CC – IBMs Super Chips soon in our Devices – The Next in Mobile Apps

Memory loss breakthrough: New implant can reverse Alzheimer’s damage

Scientists have developed an electronic implant to help brains damaged by Alzheimer’s retain memories.

They hope it will be used to take over certain areas of diseased brains to help “translate” a short-term memory into a permanent one.

The implant has been developed at the University of Southern California and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre over a decade.

The project is funded by the US military as a way of helping injured soldiers overcome memory loss.

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Why Is Everybody Talking About Mars?

Mars is having its moment in the sun. (Yes, we went there.)

It feels as though everyone is talking about the Red Planet, and for good reason. It has been in the news a lot over the past week thanks to love from Elon Musk, Matt Damon and a useful substance scientists refer to as H2O. For the uninitiated, here’s a brief recap of how we got here.

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That Big Security Fix for Credit Cards Won’t Stop Fraud

Tomorrow is the deadline that Visa and MasterCard have set for banks and retailers across the US to roll out a new system for more secure bank cards with microchips embedded in them.

Over the last few years, card issuers have spent between $200 million and $800 million to distribute new debit and credit cards to accountholders, while large retailers like Target, Home Depot and Walmart have spent more than $8 billion to install new card readers capable of reading the chips.

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IBM’s super fast, powerful and tiny carbon computer chips could soon be in all our devices

Moore’s Law be damned. IBM announced today (Oct. 1) that it had overcome one of the major hurdles preventing carbon nanotubes from being used as transistors for computer chips. It could mean the end of the silicon computer chip.

Carbon nanotubes are, as their name somewhat suggestions, thin rolled-up sheets of carbon, only one atom thick. These tiny tubes display all sorts of useful characteristics, such as being super strong, super insulating, and being great, reliable semiconductors. That makes them a great material for computer chips, as they process the ability, like silicon, to switch between having electrical current flow through them or not.

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The Next in Mobile Apps

A Better View of Communication with Branded Emojis

Empowering a new generation of consumers by providing interactive tools for enhancing digital lifestyles. As billions of consumers are connecting on messaging apps worldwide, Inmoji is improving the way we communicate and how we interact organically with messaging technology. Inmoji is an innovative SDK that creates significant new revenue opportunities for messaging applications, while creating authentic relationships between people and brands.

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How to Bake Like a Pro from your Mobile App

How do master pastry chefs bake delicious treats time after time? 
They start with a great recipe and follow each step, making sure measurements and timing are accurate.

The Perfect Bake system turns YOU into a master pastry chef. It weighs each ingredient for accuracy and uses built-in timers to alert you when you’re done mixing, baking, or cooling. Need to rescale the recipe? Perfect Bake does the math for you—whether you’re changing the size of your cake pan, the quantity of cookies you want to bake, or the amount of chocolate chips you have on hand.

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A New Light in Real-Time Video Chatting

There are already loads of great video chat apps out there. We’re not trying to replace them, we are giving people a more convenient way to keep in touch through video that doesn’t need scheduling. Traditional video chat requires you and your friends to be online at the same time, which isn’t always possible. The great thing about Glide is that you can send or watch a message whenever you want, regardless of whether your friends are online.

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