Sell Your Phone for Cash

What do you do with your old phones? A great idea is to turn them into cash or trade it in for an updated model. But where are the best places to make a good fortune out of it?

First, here are your top tips for knowing what buyers will and will not pay for:

  • Secure a current exchange value for your smartphone
  • Best to have unlocked phones or phones from AT&T
  • Mint (or like-new) phones have the most value, while broken and defective can be good for those who buy parts
  • Your phone may just be good for free recycling if it’s just too old
  • A good choice in color can also be good for money — think “Limited Edition”
  • Don’t be too attached to your phone, as personalization are not worth a lot, especially engraving
  • Fewer accessories (batteries, chargers, cables) = Less value


Now, here are the top choices to exchange them for cash or a new gadget.

Straight From the Stores

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*As of 3/18/2016 (See reference)

Remember to choose which suits you best and where you will be spending your money, notice that some vendors provide gift cards.


Sell or Trade-in Online

These mobile providers could be worth your time checking on their buying and trade-in options.

Other best places to turn your old phones and gadgets to cash:


Always consider your use for the needed cash or trade-in gadget, their worth for the current condition, and how easy or fast you’d need the cash or new gadget for. The easiest way would always go for the trade-ins, and could get around $400 for an iPhone. Hardest option would definitely be putting it up for listing on places like eBay or Craigslist and finding a direct buyer. And, some others would prefer directly with their carriers.