SharkBanz investigates local teen’s rare attack wearing shark repelling band

NORTH HUTCHINSON ISLAND, Fla. (CBS12) — A local teen is attacked by a shark, wearing a pricey shark-repelling band.

After our report showed he was wearing the device, called a SharkBanz, now one of the company’s global owners steps up to investigate what caused the shark to attack 16-year-old Zack Davis. First, they wanted to make sure Zack Davis was ok, but also to understand what happened. The teen says the owner told him it is the first time anyone has ever been bitten wearing a SharkBanz.

“I am sore. And my arm is really swollen,” said Zack Davis, who was attacked by a blacktip shark Tuesday, wearing a new SharkBanz, “it is supposed to keep sharks away..and the first time I wore it, I get bit.”