The Best Password Managers to Fight CloudBleed

Every day there are new website hacks that leak your private, personal information. The bad guys are taking your personal information and using it to break into financial sites to steal your money. Your best defense against these attacks? Using strong, unique passwords, so here are my recommendations for password managers that help make this process much simpler.

All password managers have a master password that you must remember, and hopefully, it’s the last password you’ll ever have to remember.

Recommended tools:

The Big RuleDon’t Forget Your Master Password. If you forget the master password, you may not be able to recover your new password database. That means you won’t be able to log into your accounts.

LastPass. From free to $12/year
Advantages? Free, reliable security, two-factor authentication.

1Password. (My Favorite) From free to $64.99
Advantages? Very secure. Warns about possible site compromises. Excellent group-user features.

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