Toyota’s Concept-i Envisions an Autonomous Future That’s Actually Fun

AS THE WORLD races toward a driverless future of robo-cars, you’ll hear more and more complaints from gearheads who insist that they love driving.

What these folks mean, of course, is they love driving, not commuting. There is a difference. They have a few key allies who envision a future where you put the pedal to the metal on the open road, but the robot handles the slog to work. Lamborghini (and its parent, Audi), for example, believe automated tech will help you push your limits and experience more of what a car can do.

You’d expect that from a company like Lamborghini. You would not expect it from a company like Toyota, which is known for the most utilitarian and appliance-like vehicle ever, the Prius. But the company wants to make sure future generations experience the joy of driving.