Use a dedicated phone now

How about using a master phone no. for all your dealings?

Here is a unified technology that will answer all your calls no matter where you are. It’ll reach you automatically no matter where you are – work, travel, home, cell. It has the capability to fax you too.   PhoneFusion One answers all your calls, divert calls to your phone.

PhoneFusion One is a simple service that keeps you in control with just one phone number.  You are given a permanent telephone number to give to your clients, colleagues, family or friends. Once this number is dialed, PhoneFusion One contacts you anywhere you choose to be contacted, whether you are in the car, leaving a client meeting, at the office or anywhere else in the world.

For small businesses, PhoneFusion One enables small businesses to get more for less.  This is the mantra for all small businesses and with PhoneFusion One, it’s a easy to do.  PhoneFusion One provides small businesses with a full suite of big-company features like conference capability, fax to email, virtual attendant, in addition to traditional phone features.  For a busy individual with multiple phone numbers, PhoneFusion One is the reliable way to manage your incoming calls, and integrates seamlessly with cell phones, land lines, VoIP lines and faxes.

PhoneFusion One also hosts VoIP (Internet) phone services and a Virtual Receptionist feature which is a PBX-type phone system for businesses with no equipment to buy. Our Virtual Receptionist service allows customers to sound like a professional company with phones with all the same features as an expensive system for one low monthly payment.

PhoneFusion One offers the reliability and security of regular phone systems and ability to receive calls no matter where you are – on any phone.   And the hosted solution requires no special hardware or software to purchase.

PhoneFusion One keeps you in control with one phone number. We give you a new telephone number or you can transfer your existing number to us. You can then decide where and when to send your calls by logging in on our website. We are confident that you will find PhoneFusion One to be the easiest, most cost effective way there is to keep in touch, with the most advanced features around.

PhoneFusion offers many telephone features that are available with advanced phone systems, as well as standard features like conference calling, recording calls, missed call notification, extension dialing, virtual calling card and much more. It’ll give you the advantage of standard and business-type features all for one low price.

PhoneFusion also offers VoIP telephones and features integrated seamlessly into system allowing you to have a low-cost telephone alternative to traditional landlines.

By combining Unified Communications with the technology of VoIP, PhoneFusion One offers the reliability and security of regular phone systems along with VoIP to save you money.

Key benefits that small businesses get with PhoneFusion One:

  • One Number: Give your friends or colleagues and customers PhoneFusion One number with a local area code or 800 number, and it will find you wherever you are. You can receive your calls at any of your pre-programmed numbers instantaneously and simultaneously. You decide and control when you’re available!
  • Find Me/Follow Me:  PhoneFusion One calls multiple phones at once, allowing you to answer the call wherever you are. You can choose to accept, reject or transfer a call to another phone before you ever answer. (If you reject a call, the caller will not be able to leave a voicemail message.) It’s freedom at your fingertips!
  • Voicemail:  You can receive personalized announcements and retrieve your voicemail messages from any telephone or listen to them through your PC!  You can actually screen your voicemail while messages are being left for you and pickup in the middle if you choose. You also have the option to send voicemail messages to your personal email address, allowing you to forward voicemail to anyone, anywhere!
  • Call Screening:   PhoneFusion One will announce all callers so you decide whether to answer, to send the caller to voicemail or to send an instant message. You choose your availability after you know who is calling. Once you send a caller to voicemail the PhoneFusion One user has the choice to listen to the caller leaving the message (without the caller hearing) and then answering the call while the person is still leaving the message to accept the call, just like on old answering machines.
  • Toll-Free Number:  PhoneFusion One gives you the option to add a toll-free number to your account. You can port your current toll-free number to our system just like a regular number. Get inbound calls for only $0.049 per minute.
  • Virtual Number / Virtual 800 Number:    Get a Virtual Number for people to call instead of your regular PhoneFusion One number. It forwards to your main number, but allows customers, family and friends to dial a local number instead of a long distance or a toll number.
  • Softphone:   You can make and receive calls and also pick up voicemail with PhoneFusion One’s Softphone.  In order to use this feature, you need to download the program onto your computer.  It acts like a regular phone.
  • Virtual Receptionist:  The Virtual Receptionist is a virtual PBX system that can answer your calls and play a recorded message with different options for callers, just like a regular office PBX system. For example, callers will dial your number and hear “Thank you for calling ABC Company. Dial 1 for sales, 2 for support or 0 for the operator.” Unlike a standard PBX system, there is no hardware or software to purchase and maintain, so costs start low and stay low.
  • VIP Callers:  These callers can bypass the PhoneFusion One chime and your Incoming Greeting to go directly to waiting for you to answer their calls. This is perfect for someone who will be calling you often and does not need to go the Call Screening process.
  • Web Account:  Access your PhoneFusion One account from any computer, any time. Listen to your messages through your computer, read your faxes, change your account options and more.
  • Call Guard:  Turn on Call Guard, and it will monitor your call. If you lose the connection and the caller stays on the line, PhoneFusion One will tell the caller to hold on while it tries to re-establish the call. If PhoneFusion One cannot reconnect the call, the caller will be sent to voicemail.
  • Calling Card:   Your PhoneFusion One number is also a calling card that can be used to make calls to or from any destination in the world. With competitive low rates, PhoneFusion One keeps you constantly in touch.
  • Record Calls:   Record phone calls with the touch of just a few buttons. Listen to the recorded call in three ways: as a voicemail message, through your Virtual Inbox or in an email with a .WAV file attachment.
  • Conference Calling:  Organize conference calls for an unlimited number of people. There’s no need to use an outside company! In addition, you can record the entire call, so there’s no need to take notes. Add and remove people from the conference with ease using our step-by-step instructions.  Through this feature, you can reduce more travel time.
  • Instant Messaging:  This amazing and unmatched feature allows you to send callers a personalized instant voice message if you’re unable to take their call, rather than just sending them to voicemail.
  • Fax to Email:  PhoneFusion One will receive faxes 24/7, and can be forwarded to any fax machine or viewed on your PC as a PDF document. You can also program PhoneFusion One to notify you of a fax the same way you are notified of voicemail messages. There’s no need for a second line.
  • Web Call Back:  If you have missed a call and set your preferences to email you when you’ve missed a voicemail message, you can call the person back via the Web. There is a link in the email to dial your caller. Choose which number you would like PhoneFusion to use, and then that number will ring. Once you answer, PhoneFusion will dial the number of the caller you missed. There is no need to dig out your phonebook.
  • Call Transfer:  Once the PhoneFusion One user has a call connected, he can push ##T (or ##8) and that will let him transfer the call to any number in the world.
  • You can have all the standard features like a normal telephone such as Voicemail, Caller ID, Speed Dialling, Last Number redialling, on-hold mute, missed call notification, incoming call notification,  international calling, outbound fax, call me now, do not disturb, etc,
  • Get More for Less: This is the mantra for all small businesses and with innovative technologies from companies like PhoneFusion, it’s a easy to do.  PhoneFusion provides small businesses with a full suite of big-company communications features.  Get a full-service telecom solution for less than $10.00 a month.
  • Cut Your Phone Bill by Using VoIP.  PhoneFusion One offers a VoIP offering that enables your VoIP calls to be taken on your landline or mobile.  No more being tied to the desk to take advantage of VoIP call savings.
  • Listener Promotion:  To give listeners a chance to experience all that PhoneFusion One has to offer, the company is offering 100 days of free service. This includes all PhoneFusion One features and 500 minutes of usage per month.

Web site to direct listeners: – into one, single, manageable source. With PhoneFusion, organizations can confidently manage their daily business communications from any location, any device, at any time of day. PhoneFusion is based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. For more information on the company and its products, please visit them online at

Jonathan Hollander
Executive Vice President
Phone Fusion

Jonathan Hollander – A biography

Jonathan Hollander is the EVP of Phone Fusion.  He founded PhoneFusion in January 2005 with an expert knowledge of the technologies that are revolutionizing the telephony industry and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Prior to founding the company, Mr. Hollander was co-founder and president of Dotshop Consulting Corporation, and was responsible for establishing Dotshop as IBM’s first-ever business partner for Web development in the Southeast United States.

Mr. Hollander’s career experience also includes launching two wireless startups.  Sincuerda provided wireless Internet access to the booming Miami hospitality industry. GigaTrans, delivered fixed wireless access to Detroit businesses.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Hollander was a technology consultant for the Texas State Education Department, instrumental in the development of the largest K-12 private educational WAN in the United States.  He was also responsible for site design and Internet strategic planning at the University of Miami.

While living in Miami, Mr. Hollander was the Vice Chair of the Technology Committee at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. He speaks regularly on the benefits of the Internet and the World Wide Web in relation to telephony.

About PhoneFusion One

PhoneFusion is a leading provider of reliable communications solutions to businesses of all sizes.  The company’s portfolio of Unified Communications and Fixed Mobile Convergence products brings together all modes of communication – from mobile phones to traditional landlines to VoIP to Business Intelligence Suites and Distributed

PhoneFusion One gives businesses an easy way to manage all of their daily business communications with just one phone number. Subscribers receive a permanent telephone number to give to clients, colleagues, family or friends. When callers dial the subscriber’s number, PhoneFusion One will contact him on the numbers previously programmed. With features like call forwarding, voicemail, virtual attendant, fax to email, conference calling, call screening and many more, PhoneFusion One supports all communication needs.

PhoneFusion is a leading provider of reliable communications solutions to businesses of all sizes.  The company’s portfolio of Unified Communications and Fixed Mobile Convergence products brings together all modes of communication – from mobile phones to traditional landlines to VoIP to Business Intelligence Suites and Distributed.