Microsoft wants You to Use FIDO instead of Passwords

Passwords are a security issue, but primarily the problem with passwords is human behavior. People choose an insecure password, reuse them on multiple sites, don’t change them, and share them with colleagues. Businesses cybersecurity help desks spend 2/3 of their calls dealing with password issues, which is a significant expense. A single compromised password in the wrong hands can create a chain reaction of liability. Microsoft supports the use of the open-source standard known as Fast Identity Online or FIDO for passwordless credentialing. As a leading member of the FIDO Alliance, they support and work closely to enable passwordless login for websites. There are developing other new forms of credential authentication in hopes of stopping the ongoing problem of password theft. Cybercriminals are continually trying to leap ahead of developers and manufacturers. Once these systems go into effect as the sole authentication, you can bet they will find a way to break into it. The best security is layered security and layered credential security. Layered credential security consists of a long, strong, and unique password combined with a multi-factor authentication token. Some like to add a biometric form of authentication, which could be useful. However, the problem is that if the database is not secured correctly and a breach occurs, it is impossible to reclaim or change your biometric marker.

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