Common Password Vulnerabilities and How to Avoid Them


There are a couple of interesting articles this week discussing one of my favorite subjects because it can make a significant impact on your security stance. Breaches that could result in data loss are the bain of every company. When they occur, the cost of remediation and damage to customer trust can cause a business to have to close their doors. Security should be foremost in your mind if you are operating a company today. Employees who use weak passwords or use the same password on every device, website application puts your company at risk. The problem with passwords for most companies has to do with their policies around password creation.  Administrators who enforce length and complexity policies with automatic change policies are doing you a huge disservice. Why? Complex passwords make it difficult for employees to remember. To increase the level of password security, you should implement Password Management can help assist you and your employees to have strong passwords and authentication for every website and application. My favorite password manager is 1Password, and it will give you cost-effective password control of your security by addressing human error.