Android’s Market Share Isn’t What It Seems

by John Kirk

Take a gander at some of these recent tech headlines:

– Android is crushing Apple and Microsoft in the mobile device market
– Android looks like it’s winning
– CHART OF THE DAY: The iPhone’s Market Share Is Dead In The Water
– Despite its upmarket history, Apple needs to compete on price
– Gartner: Apple falls below 20% in smartphone market share
– Harvard Liquidates Apple Stake After IPhone Sales Lose Steam
– How Apple Is Losing Mobile
– IDC: Apple’s share of worldwide tablet market drops under 40%
– iPhone growth stalls as Android continues to nip away at Apple’s market share
– iPhone Market Share Stuck At 18%
– Nearly 75% Of All Smartphones Sold In Q1 Were Android
– Sharp to seek Samsung edge for survival as Apple sales lose steam
– Why Android Is Winning The Tablet Wars

I could link to a dozen more headlines just like them. These headlines – or their underlying articles – all have two things in common:

1) They contend that Android is winning and Apple’s iPhone is in deep, deep trouble; and
2) They point to market share as the sole or primary basis for their conclusion.

Bottom-line? The metrics are wrong. It isn’t how many have jumped onto Android, it’s what kind of revenue it can generate.

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