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New iPhones, New Behaviors

While not the first to market with this feature, Apple introduced a new way for how we think about photos on our iPhones. Note that I said not how we take photos, although that is also true, but how we think about photos. Live Photos turns pictures into little moments. When I saw this feature demonstrated onstage, I knew it would show well, but the question I had was, would it work well in reality and practice?


Dispose of Portable Electronics

ecoATM is the world’s first automated eWaste recycling station. That’s a fancy way of saying that we’re a friendly green machine looking to pay cash your old cell phones, MP3 players and tablets. Those devices are refurbished, repaired and resold so they get a second life, or we make sure they’re responsibly recycled. Sell your phone or other device by placing it in the ecoATM kiosk, and we’ll tell you how much it’s worth. What happens next? You get instant cash. With ecoATM kiosks all over the country, and with your help, we’re working hard to solve the eWaste problem facing our planet.

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Fastest Solar Charger

We rarely get the most out of our mobile devices because we don’t want to drain the battery. Using bluetooth speakers, wearables, enabling location services, and firing up the 4G LTE will sap the battery in no time. Heaven forbid we do all of these things at once. So we turn off all those goodies and dumb down our smart phones in the process. That is just not acceptable.

The solution is to carry around a battery pack to recharge our mobile devices. But this is one more device we need to remember to charge. What we wanted was a battery pack that could charge itself using solar power. But we didn’t want it to take all day (or several days) to do so.

That’s why we created Solpro.

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Samsung Oculus – Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus and Samsung’s co-developed virtual reality headset will cost $99 when it ships in November, Samsung SVP Peter Koo said today at Facebook’s VR developer conference, Oculus Connect.

The new, consumer-minded edition of the Samsung Gear VR is lighter and more comfortable, Koo said, and will be compatible with four high-end Samsung smartphones: The Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. A previous version of the headset cost $200 and worked with the Note 4 and Galaxy S6.

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AdBlocker on iOS9

any sites have backend code that works similarly to ad trackers. Online shopping sites, for example, track your moves so retailers can see how customers behave. Unfortunately, when you block that type of content, it can break the site entirely. Sites like Bass Pro Shops found that images don’t show up when users block ads with Crystal, while other sites like Sears showed a completely blank home page. Other sites had problems when users tried to add items to their cart.

After testing a few sites, it seems this particular issue has been fixed already. But this is nothing new to those of us that have used privacy-related extensions on the desktop—though it may be new to a lot of users on mobile. If nothing else, this hiccup teaches a good lesson for users of privacy or ad-blocking extensions: If a site doesn’t work, try turning that extension off (or whitelisting that site). Often, that’ll solve the problem instantaneously.

On iOS 9, you can long-press the Refresh button to view a page without ad blockers.

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Advertising 2.0 – Is it the end of Advertising?

The first 20 years of online advertising helped fuel the growth of the Internet, but have often been marked by a deterioration of the audience experience.

Publishers, who are paying journalists, artists and other creators to produce content, were understandably intent upon maximizing revenue from the content that they provided to readers and viewers online for free. But as a result, many digital platforms have permitted advertising of increased volume and interruption.

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Bug Fixes for iOS9

Apple has issued the first update to its iOS 9 mobile device software to fix some early glitches, including one bug that froze the device on the “slide to update” screen.

The repairs, released today, addressed a handful of bugs, including a problem with alarms and timers that failed to go off and another that distorted the frame of a paused video.

Apple had taken extraordinary measures to make sure this version of the software that operates iPhones and iPads was as glitch-free as possible, following last year’s problematic launch of iOS 8. The Cupertino technology company said more than half of its users had downloaded iOS 9.

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