Blackberry Loses Its Key Demographic – The Corporate User

Say goodbye to the world of Blackberry.  Research-in-Motion’s (RIM) lack of innovation and progress have left the company who was once known as the dominant force for business smartphone users in the dust, even dropping well below  analysts’ expectations.  A good 10% drop in profit and resultant layoffs are in the works.  It doesn’t look good, and things just aren’t going to get any better.

Apple’s iPhone is not only a market leader, but their recent changes to make it much more friendly to the business marketplace, with improved security and email integration, are likely to make it the standard replacement for Blackberry in business.  So much for RIM’s stronghold in the business community.  And Android is doing much better.

Google’s Android still has problems in the Corporate data center.  Its lack of standard security features which are required by corporations, including data wipe, on-device encryption, mean that Apple is the only growing player left in the Corporate space for now.