Blackberry’s Death Throes

You may remember my article about Blackberry a month ago. In it I predicted the demise of Research In Motion’s flagship product, and now they’ve put yet another nail into their own coffin.

In the wake of a three day service outage last week, BlackBerry parent company Research in Motion (RIM) is offering compensation to its customers: consumers will receive free applications and enterprise customers will receive one month of free support.

CNN Article

[Editor’s Note (Paller): This outage marks the beginning of the death  throes for BlackBerry’s long-held domination of corporate mobile IT.
Since availability is one of the three pillars of security, security pros no longer can say that BlackBerry offers better security.  A
promising and fully implemented model of effective enterprise mobile
security covering iPhonesiPads, and Android devices was presented at  last week’s National Cybersecurity Innovation Awards ceremony (press releases will come out over the next two weeks about the winners). The  enterprise mobile security solution be written up and briefed in a webcast in the next week or two. We’ll announce the time at the top of NewsBites next week.)