Hacking the iPhone 5s Fingerprint Scanner

Don’t worry, it isn’t easy to defeat the new iPhone Fingerprint Scanner that Apple introduced with the 5s.  Since it only takes about an hour to hack a 4-digit passcode on an iPhone, why bother messing with the hours and detailed work you’d need to hack the Fingerprint Scanner. On second thought, since half of all iPhone users don’t even bother putting a passcode onto their phones just go ahead and steal two phones.  One of them will just work out of the box…

However, if you really do want to try to hack the Fingerprint Scanner, check out the original posting on the Chaos Computer Club website.  Assuming this trick is legitimate, here’s what you’d have to do to pull it off:

  • A perfect print (on a reasonably flat and clean surface) from the correct finger needed to unlock the device.
  • Superglue (which must be fumed to allow adherence to the print itself).
  • A high-quality digital camera capable of capturing photos with 2400 dpi resolution.
  • An image editing program to “clean up” the print and make it useable (and the knowhow to pull this off).
  • A sheet of printable clear plastic.
  • A printer that can both print in 1200 dpi and has a special “thick toner” setting.
  • Liquid latex (or wood glue) along with a few drops of glycerine to smear over the printed image. You then have to breathe on the fake print to give it just enough moisture to be read.
  • Oh, and you also need the phone itself, which you’ll need to obtain without the target knowing (or they can remotely wipe the phone in an instant).

If you’re missing just one of these things, you’re out of luck. On top of that, the iPhone 5s automatically asks for your passcode after five failed finger unlock attempts, and you can’t proceed without it at that point.