Do you *HEART* Your iPhone?

Historically, iPhone users have proven a loyal bunch with relatively few of them ditching their handsets and opting for alternative brands. That seems to be changing, however, with a survey released last week finding that iPhone loyalty has fallen to an all-time low. The research was conducted by BankMyCell who collected data from more than 38,000 people trading in and upgrading their iPhones between October 2018 and the end of June 2019. It then compared those findings with historic data to gauge consumer upgrade cycles.

In 2018, iPhone retention stood at 92% and that has now fallen to 73%, its lowest level since 2011. The survey also found that 26.2% of individuals trading in their iPhone X switched to a different brand such as Android or Windows. By comparison, only 7.7% of Samsung Galaxy S9 users ditched their handset to switch to an iPhone. Out of all iPhone models, users trading in the iPhone 7 Plus were found to be the most loyal with 81.7% of them remaining with Apple.