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iPhone 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4

Apple‘s next iPhone is coming next week, which means it’s time to consider chucking your old phone for a shiny new one.   Here’s where you can get the most cash for your soon-to-be-outdated iPhone.

eBay: You’ve got to auction it off to the highest bidder, with a used 16GB iPhone 5 in good condition going for around $200, and a mint condition phone of the same storage capacity going for around $430.

Craigslist: With a little patience, this is probably where you’ll get the most cash back, but Craigslist also requires the most effort. 16GB iPhones listed for as much as $550, and while it’s unlikely if you wait that you’ll actually get five hundred, if you act now, you’ll probably get fair value.

There’s also the lazy man’s way.  You can get gift cards for your trade-in from Best Buy, and Walmart.  iCracked, Gazelle, BuyMyTronics, NextWorth and Glyde all offer between $80 to $400 for your old iPhone — but hurry.  As of next week, prices are likely to drop 🙂