Mobincube, An App Builder For Non-Programmers Gets More Funding

Mobincube by Mobimento Mobile is a cutting-edge and easy-to-use online App builder that allows businesses and individuals to create world-class Apps for smartphones and tablets without any programming skills. Apps built with Mobincube are fully customizable and monetizable.

Despite a marketing focus on folk who can’t code, the startup also claims its tools can help developers increase their work rate by speeding up the time it takes them to build apps (albeit, the relatively quality of the apps you can churn out using a ‘cookie-cutter template’ method are unlikely to match the polish of an innovative app lovingly crafted in native code by a skilled developer).

Another flagship feature of Mobincube’s software is the ability for builders to publish their app across multiple platforms, with the software automatically generating the code for the desired platform so it can be submitted to multiple app stores.

In terms of its international spread, Mobincube said the majority (65%) of the apps published using its tools are developed in English, with around a third (30%) of its customers based in its home market of Spain.