Smartphones Hitting the Tipping Point

One quarter of all US adults are already using smart phones, and fully one third of all adults in the UK are already on board.  The latest studies are showing that the market penetration of smartphones by adults is growing at 1.3% per month.  That type of explosive growth, if it continues, will push the smartphone market share to better than 50% here in the US by mid-2012.  Amazing numbers.

What does that mean for consumers and businesses?  The opportunity to reach out to customers, consumers, trading partners and employees in the most direct and least expensive way ever devised.

Although market saturation by smart phones may max out around 70%, it still represents one of the biggest market opportunities since the Internet itself.

In the UK study, Facebook was the most visited website by Smart Phones, Apple’s iPhone is the most popular among adults and the Blackberry phones were most popular among teens.