When is it Time to Buy a New Smartphone?

Who doesn’t want the latest and greatest technology? The push-back has always been the incredible costs associated with keeping up with 6-month refresh cycles.

It all boils down to some simple questions that can help you decide if it’s really worth locking yourself into another 2-year contract.

  1. Does your phone work? Does it do what you need it do to?
  2. Can you renew your contract to get a subsidized price?
  3. Can you get a discount? Has your employer negotiated a better deal than you can?  If you work for a big company, you can probably save some $$.
  4. When was the last version of the phone you want refreshed?  The big boys only refresh about once a year.
  5. Have you chosen a carrier? T-Mobile and Sprint have both come up with some great deals for new customers.
  6. Which is the right platform for you? If you need a dependable, secure phone with the most apps, you probably want an iPhone.  Apple has about a million apps, many of them business-oriented.
  7. iPhones aren’t as flexible as Android phones and even Windows phones.  However, if you’re a power business user you should probably avoid Android.
  8. Blackberries are out.  Long known as the business device, they no longer hold the lead on stability or security.  That goes to Apple.
  9. See if your chosen carrier will let you try the phone before you buy it.  Many of them have a 30-day no-fault program where you can return the phone if you don’t like it for any reason.  This will help you determine if the coverage is adequate and if you like the features.
    Remember that any Apps that you buy for the phone will belong to you, and you won’t get any refunds if you return the phone.
  10. Still need a new phone?  Really?  If you’ve got an Apple iPhone 4 or newer, you should be fine until somewhere around the iPhone 7, which should be circa 2015…  See you then.
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