Good Monday morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I was on with Jack Heath this morning. We talked about an article that Jack posted on Facebook about a Chinese National working for an American Military Contractor who gave our Military Secrets to China. Here we go with Jack.

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Taking a laptop, even if you are not a Chinese spy, to China is has a high probability that information on that laptop disappears while you’re over there.

Hey, good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. This morning Jack wrote about an article on Facebook about what’s been happening here in New England with Chinese infiltration and spying on military companies and contractors. We got into it this morning. Here we go.

Jack Heath
On top of the lack of social technology, getting US pictures out of places like you know where the host city you have China, basically muscling technology and stealing it allegedly from us. You look at this 10-year engineer, Chinese born American who was just picked up over the weekend by the FBI for allegedly taking his secure Raytheon laptop to China on a trip last year. It is a federal offense for someone with high-security clearance to take technology capable of accessing things like our weapon system technology out of the country. Then the Harvard story. Last week, which you haven’t heard much more about the professor, one or two professors charged with getting $50,000 a month from a bogus Chinese University, from the Chinese government to recruit and steal intellectual capital from Harvard. Those are big stories, and it shows the dichotomy between the people having access and the government using it to get more technology for the government and stealing our intellectual capital. Some interest there, and maybe a comment on that Craig Peterson joins us live in the author listener lines, our Tech Talk guy, Good morning, Craig.

Hey, good morning, jack. Yeah, and the last few months we’ve got this Chinese Harvard affiliated cancer researcher caught in December with 21 vials Cells stolen from a lab at a Boston hospital. We’ve got a Chinese Professor conducting surveillance Research at the University of Kansas indicted in August on charges for his ties to Chinese University. We’ve got a Chinese PLA Lieutenant posing as a student here at Boston University. The fact that she was a lieutenant in the Chinese military. She was a spy and a Chinese scholar. Another at the University of California. The list goes on and on. You talked a little bit, and you posted on Facebook about the Raytheon employee taking a laptop to China. The company told him not only was it against company policy to travel with a company computer that might have some proprietary information on it but was against federal law. And we see this a lot. There’s a lot of ignorance out there amongst people who do take laptops with them to China. I’ve been warning about that for the last ten years because taking a portable computer, even if you are not a Chinese spy, to China presents a high probability of exfiltration of that data from that laptop while you’re over there. Now the infiltration of soft targets in the last few years, our universities where Chinese students are coming over. As I mentioned earlier, Chinese military Lieutenants are coming over to universities posing as students and being assigned to research projects and stealing stuff. The federal ITAR requirements are ones we are dealing with all the time with some of our clients. We have military sub-subcontractors that are making things as simple as screws, Jack, and their products ultimately get used in some military system. Many of these companies are not being careful with our data, and it gets stolen. They have no clue that they’re exposing all of us to these dangers.

Craig, I think you may know, I’m not sure, but I had the benefit of some of the knowledge learned when I was the US Army War College. I’ll keep that quiet. One of the things I did learn is when you look at the global threats to our security in a lot of different things, and we’re seeing differences right now with China. Everything in the last year or two or four years politically speaking has been Russia, Russia, the Russians, Russia, Russia, you know, you know, Vladimir Putin. However, the real threat is China. When you look at Russia, I’m not saying Russia did not try to metal. I’m not saying they won’t try and metal, and they will try and battle and mess up in our elections. But China’s looks like a real threat. They are from a technology stealing point of view, one of the businesses but penetrating universities. Raytheon is a pretty secure fourth-largest defense giant, the real stuff, real concern.

It is a considerable concern, and you know, we were talking about the military and You know, the, obviously the contractors and what China’s doing. But you see what jacks are doing this to our regular businesses. I have a client that came to me, became a client who came to me because, as it turns out, something was weird with his email. When we started looking into it, and I had one of my fire jumper certified guys get into it more, we found Chinese backdoors in their systems that were actively exfiltrating data out. His designs, the ones he developed over his whole lifetime, he was getting ready to retire. Now the Chinese had all of his intellectual property, all the research methods used to make the products, his customer lists, his pricing. That means he gets to compete against his very own designs made by Chinese manufacturers and sold worldwide. His business is out of business, and we’re not even talking about the military here.

All right Craig Peterson on this Monday morning. Appreciate it.

All right everybody, hopefully, you’ve been able to check it out online let me know what you think I’ve been posting these morning interviews over on YouTube and Facebook, doing them as audiograms. I do have all the camera gear, but it takes so much time, and I haven’t had time to do it. Let me know what you think you do like these audiograms. By all means, subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me over on Facebook and drop me a line – at me at Craig Peterson dot com. Take care of everybody. Be back tomorrow.

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