Good morning, everybody.  The Christmas Holiday season is underway, and it comes with a warning.  Today I was on with Jeff Chidester who was sitting in for Jack Heath today and we discussed some advice about getting that 5G phone right now and other issues related to Chinese network manufacturer Huawei. Here we go.  

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Craig Peterson
Hey, good morning, everybody. It is an awesome week, Happy Hanukkah, to all of my Jewish friends Christmas, of course, this week coming up as well for all our Christian friends and everybody else out there. I hope you’re having a great time of year. This morning. I was on Jackie’s show, but it was a couple a little bit short because of some scheduling issues that they had. But we talked a bit of Huawei, and I’m going to plan on talking about that more with Jim Polito as well. So here we go. On Jack’s show.

Jeff Chidester
So in the dark. Hey, up next, of course, America’s leading network security expert. You hear more tech talk, of course, to find out more by going to Craig Peterson dot com. Craig, we don’t get to talk a lot much anymore.

Craig Peterson
Hey, I’m doing great. I love that song too. By the way, I went to Apple Music, and I said play 1960s Christmas music, and then it played a bunch of stuff from the 50s and 60s. Jason, Dominic – the donkey, came up. It just brings back memories of my childhood. It’s just it’s great. I love it. Seeing the grandkids. Yeah, that’s kind of cool, too.

Jeff Chidester
You don’t seem old enough to have grandchildren? Of course, you know, once again, you probably like the 12 Days of Christmas from Bob and Doug McKenzie, too, right? Yeah.

Craig Peterson
Great White North heritage there.

Jeff Chidester
Excellent. Hey, Huawei, Don’t get me going on this company. I’m glad it was on your list. What’s going on with Huawei?

Craig Peterson
Let me tell you, you know, we’re all excited about 5g and what 5g is going to bring for us. It’s going to bring ultimately real fast wireless internet. Still, it is going to cause all kinds of disruption for the cable industry because you’re not going to need cable TV anymore, you know, with the streaming and now cheap, fast data. And so there’s been a lot of talk going on about well, you know, we got to keep Huawei out of our networks are 5g networks. Right now, we’re working with the country over in Africa. Who has had their entire infrastructure built out by Huawei? And now, there are reports about Huawei spying on these countries and people and everything right. So I want to start with an answer to a question I’m hearing all the time now. And that is, is Huawei building our next generation of internet infrastructure when it comes to our cell phones, our cell data, and everything else? So here’s the answer. In the United States, it’s obvious, no, Huawei, this is these Chinese companies excluded from the US market by the US government. So we’ve got Ericsson, and we’ve got a Nokia and Samsung, are all working with our significant providers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, even Nokia is involved with T Mobile. Still, those are the guys that are building out our 5g networks, and that’s an excellent thing because I want to do a flashback. You’ve been in tech for quite a while. Yep. And have you heard of Nortel? I assume Nortel. Yeah, yeah Nortel used to make all kinds of switching equipment that made central office equipment. They made some of the best networking equipment out there. And Nortel is no longer in business. So think about Christmas, Christmas this past year. Here’s what happened. I remind people, and this is new information for many. But back in early 2004 Nortel was hacked by them unknown company from China called Huawei. And Nortel got into all of their major executives. IT systems, emails, accounts, including the CEOs. Frank has done, Brian McFadden. Oh yeah, it stole all of the documents that contain the future product and marketing plans of Nortel, and then two years later, all of a sudden, out of nowhere comes wow way. Absolutely.

Jeff Chidester
We’re actually up against the wall. So no, I won’t forget that. No, I want to give people your website before we do break Craig Peterson dot com. You got to find out why you do not buy Huawei TVs either. I’m sure I’m getting the Chinese medical right now.

Craig Peterson
Yeah, I tried to squeeze in our phones there, but we got cut off. Oh, well, that’s like the top of the hour is always a tough one because it’s a hard, hard, hard break, and I like the bottom of the hour. Anyways, have a great week. I’m kind of taking a little time off here over the next week or two. I’m going to be doing a few things, and so we’ll be chatting them. By the way, if you want to have any questions answered, just email me at Craig Peterson, calm. Take care, everybody. Talk to you later. Bye-bye.

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