Good Monday morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I was on with Jack Heath this morning. We discussed what we may expect in the future in regards to working from home in a post-COVID-19 world and why people may consider a new career during this time.  Here we go with Jack.

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Craig Peterson
So you know, the bosses are looking over their shoulders, and they’re getting a little bit messier job. You can think of this jack a little bit like what’s happened over the years with some of the businesses that decided they weren’t going to restrict the number of sick days people can have or vacation days, and some people are abusing it on both sides. Hi, everybody, Greg Peterson here on with Mr. Heath this morning, jack Keith and with New Hampshire today. And we were talking about the opportunities that are presenting themselves with this COVID-19 thing, as well as what businesses are doing to help supervise so

Jack Heath
here we go. Craig Peterson, with a little Tech Talk, joins us live now to philosophize, Craig, how are businesses going to react because they all are utilizing these tools now more than ever? Now, arguably, a lot of people work from home offices two or three days a week, long before COVID-19 in this pandemic. But they will, I think, more continue after working from home. They are now due to the stay at home order. Many of these tools that weren’t well known, like Microsoft Teams. We’ve heard way back of WebEx, but like Microsoft Teams or Zoom are being used routinely. If you read anything about technology, it appears to work very well. How are companies balancing about the number of these calls each day? Are they doing too much? In other words, are they sort of hindering their employees from doing the job? But do they feel like they got to be doing every hour or something?

Craig Peterson
Very Good morning, Jack. Yeah, there are several problems that companies are running into, now that have to do with the oval. How do we supervise people in this era of working at home? We’ve got all of these productivity tools, the Department of Defense, just rolled out, Microsoft Teams. It is a unique version that exists on the government cloud. How do we supervise? We’re not used to it, and we’re looking to the post-COVID-19 age. According to Gartner, which is a large research group, 41% of employees are going to be working from home at least some of the time. So we’ll get right down to the usual things that businesses are doing, which is hiring people. How do you employ when they’re not in front of you because you can’t read all of those signs, those body signs, the meetings like what you were just talking about, how do you supervise, you know, it used to be you just kind of dropped by the cube and talk to someone you’re bumped into them when you were at the watercooler, etc. It’s a big problem.
So, on the one hand, I think businesses will end up figuring that out. But on the other side, companies are looking at it in the same way it’s cutting the need for travel. We’re eliminating physical office space or making this commute obsolete. But on the other hand, what’s already turned out is they’re expecting that there will be high employee turnover as well, as people are starting to move the light a little bit. So, you know, the bosses are looking over their shoulders, and they’re getting a little bit of another job. You can think of this jack a little bit like what’s happened over the years with some of the businesses that decided they weren’t going to restrict the number of sick days people could have, or vacation days, and some people are abusing it on both sides.

Jack Heath
Interesting. Interesting. Yeah. You know, the other thing too, is, I think, you know, it’s an exciting time, and you’re not if you are still working, but you know, we look at the people who’ve been furloughed or laid off. It’s an incredible time to be entrepreneurial. Think about, you know, what, what can I do with my time I’ve said before, and we’re going to get Jason Koon back, who’s a motivational speaker, former retired Navy SEAL this week, I think on Wednesday, I’ll try and get him on but, you know, in these times, goals you set for yourself, think about, think about what The world’s going look at the need if there’s a problem and you have an idea, and people pay for it you can have a business, and you know this is an excellent time to look at the changes as sad and harsh as it sounds, it is an opportunity versus just you know, keep your head under the covers and be depressed all-day

All of us have these built-in fears right and, and Maslow’s Hierarchy came from all of that. But when we don’t start a business because our job is good enough, we’ve got enough money, and my boss is just the worst one ever. We just don’t do it. But now, during a recession during a time like this COVID-19, the number one worry is losing our jobs. But when we look at the real statistics, some of the biggest companies ever General Electric, General Motors, IBM, Disney, HP, Trader Joe’s, FedEx that list goes on and on. All started their journey in a recession.

Jack Heath
Can you repeat that?

Okay, so there’s a list of 13 companies listed on medium dot com. The list includes General Electric started 1892 during the recession, General Motors back in 1908, IBM in 1911, Disney in 1929, remember the year 1929 that whole thing of the depression, HP 1939, Hyatt 1957, Trader Joe’s 1968, FedEx 71, Microsoft 75. Yeah, and, you know, competition. You know, sometimes when you have an idea, an idea is one piece of it, then you got to put it on paper, then you got to execute it, you got to figure out a way to do it. But in good times, whenever when things are bustling, there are a lot more people doing stuff, but it’s sometimes times like this when there’s not as much competition because no one is thinking about starting something. We hear this, already.

Jack Heath
Craig about this stay at home, social distancing pandemic crisis, if you will. One, you’re hearing things that people are getting a little frustrated that they can’t even go to some necessary medical appointments that are not COVID-19 related. They can’t see the stylist or their hairdresser or barber. So people are, you know, cutting each other’s hair and doing all that, but they’ll get that they can get through that. You hear about maybe, you know, the pregnancies go up. What about divorces? You know, all these things. But what I wonder, you know, a year or two from now, we’ll hear about startup and some entrepreneur that flourished during this time. I bet we will. I bet we will.

One more real quick thing, Jack, and that is if you’re looking to start a business advertising campaign, Facebook, Google, and YouTube advertising costs are down 40% in the last month.

Jack Heath
Well, so opportunity there too, I guess in one respect. Thank you, Craig, for taking care of us. Our tech talk guy Craig Peterson with an “ON” you can find him on Craig Peterson dot com. We’ll be right back

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