Good morning, everybody. I was on WTAG this morning with Jim Polito.  We got into a lengthy discussion about Hunter Biden and the legitimacy of the emails and how to tell, also about computer repair shops and then a little about Steve Scully’s tweet and his lies about it. Here we go with Jim.

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Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] That is a dead give away and these news agencies such as Fox who have seen both emails, I’m sure dug into it because they said these emails were legitimate because we now have a second source.

Hello everybody. Craig Peterson here. Thanks for joining me this morning with Mr. Polito. We did a deep dive into one topic and that is because of what’s happened with Hunter Biden’s computer.

What are your legal rights? What can you expect? What are these guys going to do?

I even reveal a company that I know that was doing something I consider very nefarious. So here we go with Jim.

Jim Polito: [00:00:42] You know, we’re going to call a little bit of an audible here with our good friend, Craig Peterson, the Tech Talk guru cause we got a lot of stuff we could talk about.

How about cryptocurrency? The IRS tracking your location with all those things. But, we want to talk about Hunter’s laptop. What it would mean for you? What’s this all mean? Your data? So let’s bring him on board. Our good friend, the tech talk guru. Craig Peterson. Good morning, sir.

Craig Peterson: [00:01:12] Hey, good morning, Jim.

Jim Polito: [00:01:13] Craig, you’re the guy, you’re the go-to guy for something like this. So let me just lay it out for you. So let’s say it’s not Hunter Biden. Let’s say it’s me. I bring my laptop to a repair shop. They give me a receipt that says, look, Jim, if you don’t pick it up within 90 days, it’s ours. Do they, can they really do that?

Then do they own all of my data? It’s one day you own that piece of it equipment, right? Because it’s a piece of equipment, but inside that piece of equipment, there’s a lot of data. Do they own that? So I guess that’s where I’d like to start with.

Craig Peterson: [00:01:50] Yeah. It’s a very good question and many people just don’t pay attention to.

Apparently, Hunter signed that receipt when he dropped it off saying, yeah, you don’t makeup at 90 days, it’s yours. This is similar to a mechanics lien where someone comes to your home does some repairs, maybe the oil company delivers oil. They now I have the ability to, without even your knowledge, go ahead and get a lien on your property. That’s valid until it’s paid for.

This is the case when it comes to computers as well. You leave that computer, particularly when they bring it up to you saying, Hey, listen, you have 90 days to pay after it’s repaired and at that point it becomes ours. That’s pretty darn common now.

As far as the data goes, Jim, there are some steps you should take in advance.

Also, one other thing that I have heard from someone who knew this first hand that I think people need to be aware of.  That is some of these shops that you take your computers into. The one I’m thinking of is one that pretty much everybody knows it’s a national chain. They have little deals going on where they’ll get paid, this was the case as of a couple of years ago, if you bring the computer in and one of the technicians find something, like child pornography on that computer. It may not even know it’s a child right there. It’s crazy what they’re doing with porn nowadays, but they get a $300 bonus for every computer where they look at the contents that are on that computer and then report it to law enforcement. There’s bounties on our computers out there.

Jim Polito: [00:03:44] Wow. So I do remember that so-called organization.  When you bring your computer in, we won’t give them any at free advertising. Not that I would support anyone that would have child pornography on their thing, but that’s interesting.

So I guess, uh, you, you bring your computer over there. It’s you might as well as open it up. To the stranger and say, you can, you can look at whatever you want.

Craig Peterson: [00:04:15] Yeah. You know, I had a case, I was a witness, an expert witness in the case out of New Jersey, and in this case, it was also a computer that was found to have kiddie porn on it, apparently.

Here’s the problem with this, Jim. You and I, we have our computers at home and our computers at the office as well. If you’re a business like mine is we have servers. Very frequently what happens is our devices are taken over. They are controlled, remotely. There are remote controls. There’s a whole name for that. That called rats, which is remote access or various types of remote access.

But anyway, they have been using our computers to share child pornography, to share pictures, videos of beheadings of Americans, of burning Americans to death inside this state. I’m not even gonna get into that horrific. On our computers using our business computers, our home computers that just were not properly secured.

So things are tough and there are some things you really should do before you take your computer to a repair shop for repairs. But in reality, you never really know what’s on that computer unless you look at it thoroughly.

Jim Polito: [00:05:41] So what do you think the chances are that this is really his? Have you been following the story?

Craig Peterson: [00:05:49] Yeah, I’ve been following it pretty closely. Cause, of course, it does intersect with my business. Where we’re trying to secure things and I think from everything I’ve seen, particularly now that there are corroborating emails from other people that we’re in those email chains. I think it’s legitimate.

 The way you corroborate these emails isn’t just, you look at the text of the emails. But you look at the headers of the emails. Every time an email goes through a server or goes through a mail filter it is assigned a unique serial number.

Jim Polito: [00:06:23] Ok.

Craig Peterson: [00:06:24] So. Any emails, probably gone through three, four, five different servers have these serial numbers. They’re all timestamped. And putting those together makes that a very unique identifier for that email.

So if two people have emails that did go through the same servers and they will have at least gone through one server, that’s the same. It will have a unique email. Oh, you don’t see that. Normally if you’re using outlook, you click on an email, you right-click on it and say view source, and then you can see it. But that is a dead giveaway.

These news agencies such as Fox who have seen both emails. I’m sure dug into it, because they said that these emails are legitimate because we now have a second source. There may be a third source very soon now.

Once you’ve got those types of sources and the serial numbers and the timestamps all match up. Now you’ve got corroboration that these are the legitimate emails

Jim Polito: [00:07:29] We’re talking with Craig Peterson or a tech talk guru. You know what Craig, why not? Why not just switch to something else? Not Jeffrey Toobin. I promise you, I won’t bring up Jeffrey Toobin and his Zoom call. But let’s bring up somebody else.

Steve Scully, the reporter or the anchor for C-SPAN. He wrote a direct message to Anthony Scaramucci, the MOOCH, and he thought he was writing a direct message and he actually tweeted it and it exposed him as probably having a bias against the President. He was supposed to be the moderator for the second presidential debate. But he did the old, I don’t understand why they do this. It’s so stupid. I was hacked.

I mean I was waiting for Tobin to say that, but he was smart enough not to. I got hacked. That’s ridiculous because you could tell me in no time at all if I had been hacked and determine whether or not I was telling the truth,

Craig Peterson: [00:08:31] This is an interesting problem, right? Here he is a public figure saying that his account was hacked. It looked like a legitimate message that he might send, right? It wasn’t anything outlandish. It wasn’t, Hey, send me $10,000 in Bitcoin and I’ll send you 20,000 back.

Jim Polito: [00:08:48] Right.

Craig Peterson: [00:08:49] Which is very suspicious? Yeah. And when somebody likes Scully goes ahead and says, I was hacked and a police investigation gets started. That’s when the ball really starts to roll. Apparently, the FBI has gotten involved in this. I’m not sure if charges will be coming. It is quite easy to figure out whether or not it’s been hacked. If you have access to the account and the information. So C-SPAN suspended him after he admitted to lying.

But in this case, the only place that would really know would be Twitter who has logs of the TCPIP address, the home address, if you will of Scully. Where it was posted from? Where he usually posts from? They also have information about the GPS coordinates from once it was posted. You can tell a lot of this stuff now.

I mean it’s such a stupid excuse to try and fall back on.


Jim Polito: [00:09:55] You’re going to get caught in a second. You really are. There are so many different ways to catch you for saying that. It’s such stupid. As usual, Craig, I know this is outside of the realm of tech, but when you caught doing something wrong, don’t cover it up because the coverup is often worse than a crime.

If Scully, just comes out and said, yeah, you know, I was asking for some advice. And it was no big deal. You know, it was no big deal. It story would have ended.

Craig Peterson: [00:10:26] What happened after that. Mr. Nixon.

Jim Polito: [00:10:33] Very good Craig. All right, Craig Peterson, folks, you can catch him on WTAG, WHYN Sunday mornings at 11 o’clock with a great show. Then Danny, Steve, and Kevin, they all drop the show in when there are other openings on the weekend. But, Craig, how do folks get in touch with you?

Craig Peterson: [00:10:53] Well, if you have any questions or you want to get on my newsletter where I cover all of these topics every week. Yeah, we are going to cover this whole Hunter Biden and what the steps are you should take when you take your computer to a repair shop, just go to Craigpeterson.com. If you sign up for my newsletter, I’m not going to beat you up on anything, right. This isn’t a marketer thing. I. I really want to get the information out.

So just go to Craig Peterson slash subscribe. I get questions every week that I answer. In fact, I’ve been putting them in my newsletter the last few weeks with the answers, obviously not exposing who you are. I’m not including those message IDs. okay.

Really a lot of great information. Yeah. You can send the question to just me. M E @craigpeterson.com.

Jim Polito: [00:11:41] All right, Craig, it’s always great to have you onboard, especially days like today. Always a pleasure. And we look forward to talking with you again.

Craig Peterson: [00:11:50] All right. Take care, Jim. Thanks. Bye. Bye.

I probably won’t be back to WGAN is doing a post-election thing. They’ve got a little election going on, so I will be back this weekend. And although this is a crazy week, so what I’m going to do is have part of the show will be fresh and new, because I got to cover these going back to the repair shop things. I also might have a couple of segments that are best of as well. This weekend.

Take care, everybody. We’ll talk again soon. Bye-bye.


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