Did you download a game made by Zynga?  If so be sure to change your password. They were the victim of a big hack and lost 218 million users personal information to a Pakistani Hacker who goes by the name, Gnostic-players. 

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Hey, welcome back, everybody, CraigPeterson here on WGAN and online at Craig Peterson dot com. Hey, if you’re listening to this as a podcast, I would love to get a five star review from you. That’s what helps other people find my podcasts and also course will helps with the dissemination and everything else. It makes it easy for you to be able to listen to it automatically every week, whether or not you have iOS go to Greg Peterson comm slash iTunes would absolutely love to have you give me a five star review over there, even if you don’t end up subscribing. So back to Words with Friends. Man, this is an allegation here there is some proof that maybe this guy did it. Zynga did release a statement and saying that Words with Friends did have data compromised, apparently as well as another title called draw something. Quote, we recently discovered that certain player account information may have been illegally accessed by outside hackers, while the investigation is ongoing and we do not believe any financial information was accessed. So what do you think’s going to happen here? How many of these people are going to end up going into jail? How how much of a find you think think is going to have? How much you find you think you are? I would have it is absolutely nuts. So this guy, this gnostic players guy told ZD net, by the way, that he hoped to put the data of 1 billion internet users up for sale. And by April of this year, so what about six months ago, he had reportedly stolen about 932 million user records from 44 companies. So it looks like he’s actually making some headway here on his threats. And, and that’s not a good thing, frankly. So this goes back to the whole password thing. Now I have a password specific special report that you might want to pay some attention to. Because if you have played Words with Friends, or again, the sister software to that called draw something, you need to change your password now, but I want you to understand how to change it, what you should do when it comes to changing your password. Because there are password managers out there, some of this stuff is free. And there are some very good free password managers. There are password managers you shouldn’t ever use. And there’s some that are really great with teams and pros and cons. So again, here now I’ve got another free guide for you. Now the Quick Start does lead you through a little bit of the password stuff. But it’s only one page out of 32. The special report on passwords is I think it’s six pages long. And it’s specifically about passwords about using password managers what the best ones are and it’ll let you click through to sign up on those password managers if you’re interested in them. And I don’t make any affiliates on any of that stuff commissions although if I did, it would be pennies. But he because these things are so cheap. So here’s how you get that

right now now this is going to change I’m sure but right now if you go to Craig peterson.com slash subscribe, Craig Peterson comm slash subscribe, you will get a new subscribe there you will get a my special report on passwords and password management, I think it’s very important to do. Because again, you got to change your password. But one of the things that people seem to forget all the time when it comes to passwords is you should never ever use the same username and or password on more than one site. Because here’s what can happen. Let’s say the guy got your account information from Jenga, because you played Words with Friends. And in that in that account information, let’s say there is your email address that you use to sign in. And on top of that, now there is a password that you use to sign in. Now some people will sign in using your Facebook ID or maybe your Google ID. I never ever ever ever do that. I don’t use Facebook login. I don’t use Google login, for few reasons. But one of them is. In both cases, the main reason they’re doing that is they want to track you when you’re off of their website. So they know you just logged into Words with Friends, for instance. And in some cases, they get even more information than that, that you may or may not want them to have, frankly. So I never use those. I always use email and passwords. Now here’s a trick you might not be aware of. Most email accounts allow you to use a plus sign in your email address. So for instance, with me my my email is me at Craig Peterson calm me at Craig Peterson calm, right people send me email there all the time all day long. But if I want to sign up for a service, I will sign up as me and then the plus sign. And then in this case, I might do Zynga because that’s who it is who who I’m signing up with Zynga which is NYNGA or ZYNGA depending on how far north you live. So I would say me plus Zynga at Craig Peterson calm. So what will happen is that email will still get to me

and Google does support this I’m quite sure at least I used to. and many others do as well. I think Microsoft Office 365 supports that. I think you have to turn it on. And so what happens is email comes in. So I know for instance, at Zynga sold my email address to somebody or maybe it was stolen from Zynga because I only ever use that email address for Zynga. And yet I’m only I only have the one account. It all goes into my me email box at Craig Peterson calm. So I have made plus single add Craig people on.com I have me plus Cisco, Craig peterson.com, etc, etc. You see the pattern here. And I can also now use filters on my email so that I can set up mailboxes. So anything coming from Zynga gets I don’t care to see it right away. So anything that goes to Craig plus Zynga Craig Peter song com or me pluses and got Craig Peter song com goes directly into the Zynga box, or maybe it goes to spam or however I want to handle it right. And then I’m I’m not even worried about the from address because I know that the address I signed up with is unique. So now I have a unique email address for that website. And then I use a unique password every time it’s unique. And I use one password personally. And you’ll see a description of one password in my password special report that you can get. And you even if you’re already signed up for my email list, if you go to Craig peterson.com slash subscribe, you can get this again. Okay, you can sign up again and you’ll get the special report on passwords. So I use one password and I have it generate for random words typically. So it’ll give me a password that is this dash that that something dash else just as an example here. But for words that make it almost impossible for someone to break. Now some websites are still using the old standards that are proven to be not effective, where they’ll require you to use special characters, upper lowercase digits and things. And in those cases, I will use those and one password will generate those for me as well. You can just you can mess with the formula. So I really love it. But the reason I just use plain text words is they’re easier to type, especially if you have to type them in on a mobile device. That was one password. It’s installed on my workstation, my laptop, my iPhone, my iPad, so I never actually have to remember it. It’s all encrypted. It’s all saved on iCloud encrypted as well. So if I create a new account on this machine is going to show up over the it’s just fantastic so make sure you get this it’s very important I think that you do have it because it is going to help you so to get this password special report Hey, it’s special report day isn’t it? Just go to Craig Peterson comm slash subscribe. That’ll get you on my weekly newsletter let you know about the free classes and it will also get you my I think it’s six page special report on passwords and password managers. You’re listening to Craig Peters on right here on WGAN. Stick around because I’ll be right back.

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