Hey, Good Morning, everybody, I had a conversation with Ken and map this morning. They are on WGAN, the morning drive show there in Maine. How do you explain quantum computing? And I thought I could probably explain them pretty well. And Matt wanted to do a follow up on this whole quantum supremacy thing. And so I took a stab at it, explained it, and I have heard some half decent explanations before but unless you really get into the physics of it, it can be hard to explain. Anyhow, let me know what you think about what I did here. Again, me at Craig Peterson dot com to send me a note. And here we go with Ken and Matt.

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Automated Machine Generated Transcript:

Craig 0:00
Hey, good morning, everybody, Greg Peterson here. I had a conversation with Ken and map this morning. They are on WGAN, the morning drive show there in Maine, and had an interesting time I problem i don’t i don’t know what you want to call it. How do you explain quantum computing? And I thought I could probably explain them pretty well. And Matt wanted to do a follow up on this whole quantum supremacy thing. And so I took a stab at it, explained it, and I have heard some half decent explanations before but unless you really get into the physics of it, it can be hard to explain. Anyhow, let me know what you think about what I did here. Again, me at Craig Peterson, calm to send me a note. And here we go with Ken and Matt.

Ken 0:55
We’er back ladies gentlemen, at 738

Matt 0:59
seriously means that Craig Peterson joins us as he always does on Wednesdays to go over what’s happening in the world of technology. Craig Peterson, ladies and gentlemen. How are you, sir?

Craig 1:08
Hey, good morning doing well. Just had a comment when I called in about some of the listeners to my show on Saturday. And it’s kind of exciting. I love getting little emails, people asking questions. Quite a few small business people, you know, SOHO type stuff, small office, Home Office. And those are the types of people that I think really need help as well as the home users and people who are afraid of shot.

Ken 1:36
So, there you go. Tune in to Craig Peterson this Saturday on WG and at one o’clock. And while we have you here today, Mr. Peterson. So what is this deep fake? And what’s going to happen? When’s it going to arrive? And what should I do about it

Matt 1:52
Oh, it’s already arrived, sir.

Ken 1:55
Tell me about I don’t even know what a deep fake is.

Craig 1:58
No, I was talking about it. Yeah, yesterday. And I think mad man united that this is going to be an interesting discussion. Because the whole idea behind deep fakes is to be able to make something that looks exactly like something else. So in this case, what we’re talking about is that you remember the days you could take Photoshop and and they manipulate right? And they put somebody’s face on somebody else’s body. And it just looks terrible. And most of the time they didn’t do a very good job of it used to be hard but now it’s easy. I mentioned in fact before that, the whole movie concept if you think about Toy Story that out right now Toy Story for I guess it’s coming to DVD near you. And then Toy Story movie, compared to the original one. So

Matt 2:51
God zero difference. Yeah, I know. It’s I remember, I was watching that movie with my kids, like, a couple months ago or whatever. And it was awesome.

Craig 3:03
Yeah, it’s it’s absolutely amazing what they’re able to do. And that technology that was used 20 years ago, was something that costs hundreds of millions of dollars to develop, and the movie The cost 10s of millions of dollars to just have that animation done. And today, he just anybody with an iPhone, or an Android phone, can sit there and make animations that are much better than the Toy Story 20 years ago. So what’s happening with deep fakes is, we are now able to do all of this kind of the photoshopping stuff we mentioned, we’re able to do that using special animation techniques. And we’re able to make it so that if we have enough video of somebody, we can make a video, and we can stick someone else’s head face into that video, even now, we can take their picture, how they walk, etc, uploaded into the video, as well. And we’re seeing criminals using it today, where they are taking a person’s voice, all they have to do is for instance, the annual stockholders meeting this, this just happened a couple of months back. And it was a German firm that owned this, I think it was a British company. And the course was CEO of the German parent company, had his annual meeting and he spoke. So they have lots of voice samples. And they were able to just feed this into some software that you can already get for your desktop PC, and make it so that they can make a recording that sounded just like this German CEO. And the bad guys use this recording now to call up the subsidiary company and have the German CEO order this company need to send a check for millions of dollars to the bad guys are actually transfer money, millions of dollars to the bad guys. Now, it’s still fairly complicated. But we’ve got this guy, he’s a deep fake pioneers name is Holly. And he told CNBC on Friday, that he thinks within six months, we’re going to have deep fakes, where it’s video, the audio, everything all together. And we’re going to have it as a point where you cannot tell readily that it’s a fake. Now, this is where Matt, I think this comes in with you a lot.

Craig 5:36
Think about October surprises, right? Does everybody know what October surprise? Matt, why don’t you tell us? What an October surprise? Well, I would say that Ken’s legal partner knows what an October surprise is given the 2000 election and drunk driving. Mr. Bush and whatnot. It’s a unexpected event that happens in the very late stages of a campaign which throw a gigantic monkey wrench into the whole campaign.

Craig 5:58
So let’s get happened in the year 2020, when deep fakes can be done by any kid with a computer. And all of a sudden there is a video released showing, well, maybe President Trump talking to maybe a foreign leader, okay.

Ken 6:15
Maybe he made a phone call to someone in the Ukraine.

Craig 6:18
Ukraine, just pretend that okay. And it wasn’t real, or whoever, you know, Elizabeth Warren, whoever the candidate ends up being for the democrats saying something doing something, that we’re already seeing this in the porn industry, and porn, of course, leads the tech world in so many ways. We’re already seeing it there, man, what’s going to happen?

Matt 6:42
The song Come on.

Craig 6:47
What’s gonna happen next year when it’s October, and Bill Weld is running against President Trump and all of a sudden there’s a Bill Weld video or President Trump video or whoever it is? This is world changing.

Matt 7:05
is really, really great. For porn, is that what you’re referring to? Just checking.

Craig 7:13
You know, again, not to belabor the the issue, because I think we can move on from it. But it’s also, you know, if you are a celebrity or whatnot like that, one of the things that’s terrible about the deep fake thing is that like people are now essentially mapping like Taylor Swift’s face on to, you know, stuff. And it’s not you know, that that’s horrendous to do to people, but it’s happening with increasing frequency. And I’m sure that this technology, as it gets better, will make those things more believable and more believable as time goes by. So that’s something that obviously has to be looked at, obviously, going in the future.

Matt 7:47
But anyway, moving on to a different topic. Mr. Peterson I’ve read things over the years about quantum computing. And I understand the concept a little bit, I find it quite interesting. You have a little topic here that you’d like to talk about that relates to quantum computing, certainly has capabilities that regular computing does not Is that true?

Craig 8:04
Yeah, absolutely. And, man, this is kind of interesting, because there are a lot of companies right now who are busy with the whole quantum computing thing. And the idea is that our normal computers, a digital computer, it’s ones and zeros. And each bit in that computers represented by either binary one or zero. And if the computer has to do things in certain order orders, you have to make it work, right. And you have to figure it all out with quantum computing. The easiest way to talk about

Matt 8:42
I’m very much looking forward to hearing you explain this, because it is really hard to explain

Craig 8:48
The quantum computing is basically the computer is using quantum physics in order to do computing. So each bit in the quantum world is called a cube bed. So in the regular world, it’s got a zero or one sort of has two states. Right now, the quantum computers, each bit has five different states. And the way this all works is it’s all kind of mess together, man. This is going to be tough. And and there is a milestone a quantum computing milestone called quantum supremacy. And Google claims it has met that milestone. Now what quantum it supremacy is, and this is, this is simple to explain, I’m not going to try and get more into quantum itself. But what read the Wikipedia article, if you’re that interested in the details, it really is fascinating. You know what I mean? It is it is crazy, interesting. supremacy is okay, we now have a quantum computer that has solved a problem that a regular computer either could not solve or, in some cases, it can solve a computer in the matter of a problem in a matter of minutes that could take a regular computer as much as 100,000 years to do. It is absolutely amazing. What’s happening. So let’s talk quantum supremacy. And, you know, thank you to our robot overlords who are in charge, and we just so appreciate, because this is a major step towards AI. Because basically a quantum computer acts differently, if you will, it thinks differently, it can solve problems differently. And the Chinese have been working heavily on this, and they may have beat us to the punch, but they’re not going to tell us. But the bottom line is with quantum computing, pretty much every type of encryption we use today, including military grade encryption to keep our secret safe, can be broken by quantum computer in a matter of just minutes. And some of these computers now or up to what are called 10 cubits. And it’s it’s absolutely amazing. And some people, by the way, are discounting what Google has claimed they’re not they’re saying Google really hasn’t broken quantum supremacy. But we’re going to be there very soon. And it is going to absolutely change things. And particularly in the military side and encryption side of things. So this is a fascinating topic. If you love this sort of stuff. I’ve got the article up at Craig Peterson calm, and you can just do a Google search on quantum computing and your mind will be blown as what these guys are doing.

Ken 11:40
Craig Peterson, you know, you hear him every Saturday, well, first here, wherever you hear me here. Every Friday, Saturday, at one o’clock and WGAN. And you hear Craig Peterson cot com And he’s there as well. Thank you, Mr. Peterson. I will talk to you next week. But we’ll listen to you on Saturday today.

Craig 12:00
Alright, thanks, guys,

Matt 12:02
Craig. So it’s about that time that we go to a break.

Craig 12:05
Hey, everybody, thanks for being with us this morning. I think this was fun. I’ll be back on Saturday. And we are starting a whole new series of probably video podcasts, I think is what we’re going to do. So keep an eye out for those if you are a business person. That’s who they’re aimed at. What do you need to do for your business to keep it safe? Those are the people that can really be hurt. You’re talking about all of your retirement? Of course, anybody can and much of this applies to regular home users and retirees as well. If you have an idea of what you think maybe we should call this podcast, let me know I would love to hear from you. Again, it’s about security. It’s about business, small business, medium business, maybe up to 20 $25 million size business but really aimed at the under 10 million dollar businesses out there. What should I call this thing? Anyways? Let me know I you know, I don’t like the Tech Talk name. I don’t know if I mentioned that before, but I I kind of got stuck with it because I took the advice of someone that had been in radio for like 20 years and OO Tech Talk. And there’s like a ton of shows called Tech Talk. There’s even a guy out west whose name Craig Peterson, or Peterson, I guess. Or San I’m not sure anyways, and he had a show he called tech talk. I don’t know. Very confusing to me. Let me know what should I call the security for business show? Maybe Maybe that’s the name to call it me at Craig Peterson dot com everybody. Have a great day. Bye-bye.

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