Today we are going to discuss Encryption, what it is and why you must fight every attempt to legislate against its use. Listen in to find out more.

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Standing our Ground on Encryption – without it, we will lose all Privacy!


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Hello, everybody. Let’s see here. Get those cameras straight. Oh my it’s always something, isn’t it? It’s not one thing. It’s your mother said Roseanne Roseanne Adana. So let me see it. Switch that over and I’m going to go pop over to there. We’re finally the right camera. Oh my gosh, Craig Peterson here we’re doing some new stuff. As you probably are noticing right now, where I am doing some live videos. In fact, this week, we’ve been talking all about VPN I did. Facebook Lives YouTube lives every day this week. And we’re working on getting those up on the website as well. So have a look for them there. And right now, of course, you can see these videos too including today’s Video we’re talking right now, and some of the stuff that’s important. So I am kind of running the whole show today is just the way that goes sometimes, right? I don’t have anybody helping me. There we go. So I’m putting my lower thirds on and moving stuff around and talking than reading and oh my gosh. So anyhow, welcome to my studio. Welcome to the show. Hopefully, you will enjoy it today. Now we talk a lot about technology, different types of tech and things that you might want to look at and consider and I really emphasize security because it has been such a problem. You know, you might have heard me on the radio. I have been on the air, at a number of stations. This whole show is carried by WGAN man Come on WGAN but I’m on many other stations. I’m with Ken and Matt and Jim and jack and just all over the place and I really enjoyed this stuff I really want to help and I enjoy helping. And so today we are going to be talking about a friend of ours. And this guy’s name is Edward Snowden. Now, you know, friend foe, I don’t know, there are certainly people in the audience that think Mr. Snowden is somebody that should be serving jail time. I’m not so sure I disagree with that. But what he did, this is the guy that was the NSA whistleblower, a true whistleblower, someone that had first-hand knowledge of some of the problems that were going on some of the things we were doing in our country that maybe we shouldn’t be doing. And he went and he told us about it. It’s just incredible what we found about the NSA, and the NSA has gone from that posture where they’re monitoring us all the time. Basically, everything we’re doing, to a posture today, that’s much more reserved, and we kind of freaked out after 911 you know, for good reason, who would not be freaked out. But because we had freaked out and freaked out so badly, we put in place this whole Patriot Act, and they just kept renewing it and President Obama expanded what the NSA was doing. I’ve heard from a number of people that hey, listen, if you’re president, like, let’s say, tomorrow, you were made president, you would do the same things as anybody else that was put into that office as President, you do the same as President Obama did, President Bush did, because you have the same advisors, you’re getting that same advice. And I, you know, I can see that I can see why that might happen. But the expansion of the NSA is something that I just, I don’t know, I don’t think that’s such a great idea, frankly, because the NSA is all about the surveillance and it was supposed to be surveilling our enemies foreigners, not our citizens here in us. Well, in this case, it turned out that the US, UK, and Australia are now taking on Facebook. We know about encryption fact that’s what this whole week has been about on my lives on Facebook and on YouTube. I’ve talked about this right encryption what it is what are they doing? What does end to end encryption mean? What, which prying eyes? Are they able to stop with the VPN? What are my recommendations for VPN? Which services to use, and when not to use a VPN when there’s a drawback. All of this is about encryption. Think about what happened out in San Bernardino. I lived in San Bernardino for a few months. And we had out there a just a horrific thing where this guy came into the office and he killed some people and the FBI was trying to get into his iPhone and Apple said hey, we’re not going to cooperate and I kind of understand where Apples coming from, because we do have our rights, our first amendment rights, and we’re supposed to be secure in our papers. Well, nowadays, what are our papers? What qualifies as our papers? Is it our phones? Is it our computers? Is that what we have in the cloud? great article that I put up on the website that my wife and I worked on at Craig Peterson dot com, going into some more detail on this, and a good article from the Guardian, and that’s the one I shared this week as well in my newsletter, and you know, if you want to get my newsletter, great, just go to Craig peterson.com slash subscribe, if not, hey, I understand it. Our inbox is just too full as it is. But should we be blocking encryption? That’s the big question we’ve got now are the Attorney General bar saying yeah, we should stop encryption no one needs encryption on a regular basis. Again this is so they can, they can look in on this and that. But this is a new This isn’t a Trump administration thing. This goes all the way back to the Clinton administration and the clipper chip that they were trying to pass off. And it goes back to the NSA, who purposely misled the whole wide world on the Data Encryption Standard. But under President Clinton, they said, Hey, everybody – use this chip, because it’s guaranteed to be secure is developed by the NSA, these guys know what they’re doing. You really want to use this. And Bill Clinton promoted it. The government was promoting it. And then the industry we found out that there was indeed a backdoor in this, in fact, a pretty bad backdoor when he got right down to it. And because of that, we ended up saying no, we don’t want this. We do not want to have all of our conversations recorded. Now this clipper chip and the whole Jupyter encryption is also what led us to be able to get Saddam Hussein and his sons, we knew where they were because we could break the encryption. And that was thanks to the Brits. So we’re talking about now encryption and frankly, you know, without encryption, in reality, where we could lose all of our privacy, everything that we have been working for, for all of our lives could be stolen. because let me tell you something, and this is something that I’m sure you’ve thought of before most people have thought of this, you know, kind of off and on over the years. But if you have something and the bad guys know you have something or the bad guy is going to try and get it from you. And the answer to that, I think is an absolute total and complete Yes, you know, the bad guys want to get this stuff from us that they can get that they can steal. So if we’re using government-controlled encryption, wherewith that government-controlled encryption, what’s happening is they are able to get in that kind of a backdoor, right? Get into our files are papers, then what happens? Really what then what happens? That means there is a key, right there is a way for them to get in the back door. And most people say, Well, you know, why would I care? I don’t care if they are going to get to my papers because I have nothing to hide. Well, I’m not going to try and debunk that right now. Because obviously, you do have things to hide. Look at the witch hunts that have happened over the years, rather which is going on today, which is going on in the 1600 and which ones big time in socialist countries. Show me The man, I’ll show you the crime. And that’s what we want to avoid. So we want to avoid that. But on top of it all, we’re trying to keep our data out of the hands of the bad guys. If our federal government has the key to get into our personal data, what do you think is going to end up happening? It’s, you know, Willie Sutton is credited with having said, hey, why did you rob banks while I rob banks because that’s where the money is. And that, you know, whether or not that’s true, he’s credited with that. Well, if the bad guys know that the federal government, let’s say the NSA, the National Security Agency, the bad guys know the NSA has the keys to the back door. Do you think the bad guys are going to try and get into the NSA? And I’ve talked about this on the show before the end. Sad themselves were hacked all of their top tools were stolen, and are now being used to hack us. Blue keep is a great example of that. Some of this ransomware is using tools developed by the federal government. So if the NSA can be hacked and they can be hacked and they have been hacked, what’s going to end up happening a little bit later on down the road, when the NSA has keys to the backdoor. And they’re all going to say, listen, there’s no way the keys can get out. These are top secret. Hey, listen. So we’re all of the NSA tools that we were using to hack the Russians to hack the Chinese, the North Koreans. So were the keys that the Clinton administration had to the back doors backdoor cryptography that they were trying to push. I’m not blaming, you know, the republicans or the Democrats, both sides Have equally tried to get back doors in place and, frankly, to where we’re ending up at is right what we’ve been talking about right now. If we do not have encryption available to us as regular citizens, frankly, our privacy will be gone. totally gone. So we’ve got to fight for this and fight hard for this. no two ways about it. Don’t let the federal government do back doors and force encryption to be open. All right. When we come back, we’re going to talk about the FBI. They are urging businesses to do something business most businesses have never done. So we’ll talk about that when we get back so stick around Of course, you’re listening to Craig Peterson online and on WGAN and online at Craig Peterson dot com as well.

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