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It is time to talk about Jailbreaking or Rooting your iPhone.  Generally it is not a good idea — listen in an I will explain more and how some people were caught off guard.

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Fake iPhone Jailbreak Site leads to Advertising Click Fraud

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Hello, everybody Craig Peterson here. Welcome back. If you have any questions, by the way on some of these things, you can always email me at Craig Peterson dot com. I do try and get back to you. And I have talked with some of these people who were into cryptocurrencies, I mean big time teaching courses on them trying to get all of their friends involved. They even had some of their own coin launches. And you know, I’ve talked to them and told them about, hey, here are the problems I see with this. You know, it all has to do with trust, who’s going to buy it? Who can you trust with it? And, you know, frankly, I don’t think many of them actually believed me. Which is, which is in my mind anyway is a bit of a problem. Because they should, believe me, this is a real, real problem. Hani I’m not going to get into any more right now let’s get into iOS. iOS, of course, is Apple’s operating system. It runs on In fact, this phone sitting right here that’s getting charged. It is on iPads. It’s everywhere. Apple has one of the most popular devices out there and its operating system is part of the reason for that. It has been known to be very safe and very secure. Well, I don’t know how long maybe five years ago I think it was. I decided I would try and jailbreak or root. There’s another term people use to jailbreak my iPhone because I wanted to see what it was like and it was really, really cool because I’m a Unix guy. I’ve been a Unix guy since like 1981 really 82 and I love the shell. I’m used to it and it was really, really cool to be there on my iPhone and drop into a shell see what was running to what was going on since that time, Apple has really closed the door on so many of these jailbreaks and they’ve made it so that it’s almost impossible nowadays to jailbreak the devices now. There is a jailbreak that’s out right now that affects almost every iPhone ever made. But it’s all you can only use it in certain conditions. It’s

a month some security researchers are starting to use it, but people have heard about it. So what are they doing? They’re going online and they’re doing searches for iOS jailbreak and they are finding jailbreak sites and they’re getting excited. Oh, isn’t that exciting? I am going to be able to jailbreak my phone. Right. I said in a very staccato voice. Well, what’s really happening is they’re going to a site and what’s happening on that site click fraud because they don’t have real jailbreak stuff. This is an article from a threat post that you’ll find up on my site at Craig peterson.com. But these fake websites are centering around a vulnerability called check em aid, which affects hundreds of millions of iPhones and gives the attackers potentially system-level access to the handsets via an unlockable hack. It’s kind of complicated and it’s not something most of us have to worry about. But, man, you’ve got to be very careful there. The fake website for the jailbreak is called check rain calm. It was registered within 24 hours of the jailbreaks official website which is checked RA one and.com But unlike the real website This doesn’t download the jailbreak instead gets people involved in this Pay Per Click online. Advertising fraud the security Researchers Telos those of the guys that I use with my company, they are the best in the business. Telos is an, Of course, I’m biased right is associated with Cisco and Cisco bought the whole Telos operation. But they’re saying this new malicious actor Telos discovered claims to provide the check rain jailbreak the site even claims to be working with popular jailbreaking researchers, such as cool star Google project zeros IN or Ian beer, the page attempts to look legitimate prompting users to seemingly download an application to jailbreak their phone. However, there’s no application This is an attempt to install a malicious profile on the end-user device. Now, profiles and iOS are used to authorize things like VPN to authorize the control basically remote control of an iOS device. That’s what these things are really used for. So always be careful. If your phone or your iOS tablet your iPad comes up and says hey, I want to install this profile, make sure it’s legit make sure you really are trying to install a profile usually profiles are used by businesses in order to control devices that they own so the data doesn’t get out. The whole profile thing mobile device management gets a little complicated. If you want some help let me know. I’d be glad to help you out if not that’s fine too. You can work it through yourself but it’s me at Craig Peterson dot com if you have any questions on it, but it is fascinating because there is a jailbreak that is available that goes for anything from the five through the 813 chipsets.

The check em eight by the way only impacts five to 11 chipsets. This was actually rather huge this vulnerability that was pretty fairly recently. So what’s my advice here on jailbreak because people are constantly trying to jailbreak their iOS devices in their jailbreaking their Android devices? What do you think the advice is, don’t do it, it’s just not worth it. You don’t want to install one of these fake jailbreaks on your iOS device, because what’s going to end up happening is more than more often than not, you are going to have some malicious code installed on your machine. You’re going to be a victim of some of these ad networks that are fake that are just trying to make money for the bad guy. So be very, very careful. The same thing is true on Android. Now, most of them there are many Android jailbreaks also known as routing the devices and it is fun if you’re a geek like me. It’s fun to get in and see what they’re doing and how They’re doing it. And if you’re a developer, it’s really handy to be able to get in and get around some of the restrictions that are normally in place. And if your security researcher can be incredibly useful to get in and figure this stuff all out, but for your average user, the thing is, you know, just don’t do it, because it’s going to be nothing but pain for you. Bottom line, just nothing but pain. A lot of good information in this article. They are targeting an array of victims in the US, UK, France, Nigeria, many other countries, including Eastern and Western Europe. And it’s a very, very dangerous thing, okay, so be careful. Don’t try and jailbreak your devices, no matter how fun it may seem, and no matter how much you may want to jailbreak your device, just onto it because it’s going to cause you nothing. Bye Pain. So coming up next we’re going to talk a little bit about the iOS attacks that are up significantly in the first half of this year. And I also want to point out this is, this is something I offered about three weeks ago, but I don’t think I offered it here on Facebook or YouTube. This is my quick-start guide. This is my security reboot guide for small businesses. This thing is phenomenal. Okay, it’s 30 pages long. I go through stepping stones, all kinds of stuff that you need to know key points for the small businesses, your hardware, I’ve got stepping stones for you to walk through the path to success, what you need to do. Okay, this is absolutely phenomenal. You want a copy, believe me, and this is something I have only ever sold before. I’ve never given it away. But I’ll give it to you right now if you go to Craig Peterson comm slash Quick Start Craig peterson.com slash QuickStart and you’ll sign up there and I will send it to you right away. You are going to appreciate this even if you’ve started trying to do cybersecurity for your small-medium enterprise, this is going to help take you to the next level that you need. So stick around we’re going to do a little bit of a show wrap up talk about some of the important things that we discussed today in case you missed it. And make sure you sign up for my quick-start guide Craig Peterson comm slash Quick Start course you listening to me on WGAN online all over the place. But you’ll find it all at Craig Peterson calm and make sure you stick around because we will be right back.

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