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This is an explanation about how to select a VPN device and my advice on using them.  

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Hi guys, welcome back Craig Peterson here on WGAN and online at Craig Peterson calm you’ll also find me on Facebook and YouTube and many other platforms actually, of course, tune in to listen to me here on WGAN and you’ll find all my podcasts there as well. But if you want to watch the video, you’re going to have to go to YouTube or my homepage,  just go to Craig Peterson dot com. Scroll down. You’ll see the articles for this week and for each article, I have you guessed it video you get to see me live. Get to see me holding up these pale blue batteries and everything going on here on this part of the studio we have this one camera that I don’t usually use in the training and it’s kind of a wide shot here of me sitting on my, my movie called these balance balls or what are these things called anyway? which keeps me moving. And most of the time I’m standing and I’m on one of these tables, the whole thing raises and lowers. I just love this table. My daughter got it for me. She worked at a company called SIS I think it was that that makes these things very, very nice. Anyhow, that be as it may, you can check out my studio online, just Craig Peterson dot com. Now I’ve mentioned a couple of times today about the masterclasses we’re holding now. I have a master’s course coming up here soon. But these masterclasses are free and we go into a fair amount of depth about a single topic. So this last week’s master class was all about VPN, and next week’s masterclasses all about mobile devices. Security. Well, we have an article up on my website from dark reading, talking about Nord VPN. So we went into a deep dive, you cannot get the replay, I do not put the masterclasses up for replay. The masterclasses are for you to participate in, right? And I take the masterclasses, and I clean them up, I turn them into courses and I charge for them. All right. So if you want basically my courses that are paid, some of these courses are as much as $5,000. Okay, but you can essentially get the courses for free by attending my free masterclasses. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Because it’s the masterclasses are where I’m experimenting with some of my best content, some of my best teaching methods, and I’m doing it live because I want immediate feedback. So We can try it out, I can answer your questions, and you will get your questions answered and you will save a lot of money because they’re free again. Okay, so these are where I do my experiment, and I am doing the training with you. And it’s usually training that goes on into my paid products. Okay, so you just can’t go wrong by attending the masterclasses. Now, I as I said, I can’t go into all of the detail into the masterclasses because this is not hours worth of training that I can do here on the radio. But suffice it now to get into VPN and to say the bottom line. I don’t trust any of the VPN that are available out there and when I’m talking about the ones that you pay for, so you go and you pay whatever it is, and, and you’ve heard ads on all kinds of radio stations on TV on stream mean, if you do a search for VP and online, you’re going to find all kinds of reviews. Almost all of them are paid, they’re compensated reviews. Now, I don’t have a problem with that, right? I have personally never done a paid interview. I’ve never done a paid review. Everything you hear from me is my actual opinion, not swayed by money because I’m not taking money from any of these guys. And if I do have an interest like I, I put together these big Cisco networks for businesses, and these small Cisco networks for businesses, I’ll tell you, I am a Cisco installing reseller. In fact, in various quarters here, we have been the top Cisco installing reseller in the entire northeast United States. So well, you know, my company’s a pretty big company doing these types of things. So I will tell you When it comes to these VPN reviews, most of them are not telling you anything about them being compensated. So when I went online to put together this master class and started doing research on VPN, it became pretty apparent pretty quickly, that there were 180 degrees, completely opposite opinions about the same VPN from different people.

And then when I checked the links they were using, you know, those, I think 100% of the links I checked, they were all affiliate links, which means they were making money if you signed up for the VPN service. Again, I have nothing against that. But if I use an affiliate link, I tell you, this is my affiliate link. Now, normally these guys are probably making 50 cents for the affiliate link right there. There is a whole lot to be made for some of these affiliate links. But again, they’re not being honest. And so I went into some Reddit forums because there’s a couple of Reddit forums that are dedicated to VPN and the VPN companies and the people that are promoting them. And I read what they were saying and read it. And indeed, yes, indeed, no surprise, these Reddit, these Reddit were entirely 100% complaining about the exact same thing I had found that they are not they are absolutely not honest reviews. So I said, Okay, let me try one other thing. If I’m going to have a VPN company that sells VPN services, what would it take? So I thought to myself, okay, so what are these guys doing? Well, they are renting space and data centers, which means they are probably just renting server time. They have to have the bandwidth, obviously to get your data in and get your data back out. So let’s go to the number one and number two providers of these types of services. And that’s Amazon for AWS. And that’s Microsoft for is yours. So I went on and I did some pricing. And I figured out okay, what’s the average bandwidth someone might be using through these services? What does it cost for the smallest machine possible? Now, we’re not going to get efficiencies here by putting a lot of people on one machine. I wanted something that was you know, really fast, really responsive, a really good VPN service. And frankly, I don’t see how it could be offered for less than $50 a month. These guys are charging as little as $4 a month $3 and 99 cents a month. So I went into a lot of detail in my master class this week about this, and how In fact, what they’re doing is selling your data. And in many cases, they’re selling your online web browsing data. They’re selling it to government entities. They’re selling it to data brokers who are selling it to government entities. And it’s being bought also by the bad guys by the hackers that are out there. So how’s that for understanding how they make their money? Because I can’t see how you could do a good job of a good VPN. That auto destroys itself and recreates itself every session so that there’s no chance of logs being tampered with their You’re getting a different IP address every time even though it might be an Amazon’s IP block or might be an assures IP block, how to do that. And then on top of it, it’s how do you get the data out of them, the view of the 14 eyes? So that’s what we’ve discussed in some detail. Nord VPN, they were breached. And it wasn’t just Nord VPN that was just admitted that they were breached. Two leading VPN providers this week. Viking VPN Tor guard others here were also breached. And then we had distributed now service attacks at what a week, okay? So I’m afraid to tell you, you have to have your own VPN that you create at home or at the office. We’ll be right back talking about Robo tanks, listening to Craig Peterson on WGAN

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