Apparently, I was a bit of a ratings Bonanza, yours truly? Yes, indeed. A couple of weeks ago when I was on the air and I told my story about my alien encounter with UFO. And the, we talked more this morning about UFO’s and a little bit more also about the apparent this last weekend on CNN of energy, secretary, Jennifer Granholm, who talked about how our businesses are constantly under attack and our grid is in danger.

[00:00:36] She even admitted that our grid electrical grid could be shut down by a foreign adversary. So here we go with Mr. Chris Ryan

[00:00:47] Chris Ryan: [00:00:47] It’s uh, Craig Peterson. The host of tech talk on news radio 610AM and 96.7FM Saturdays and Sundays at 11:30. Craig, how are you?

[00:00:54] Craig Peterson: [00:00:54] Hey, I am doing well.

[00:00:56] Chris Ryan: [00:00:56] Appreciate joining us. So let’s start with this.

[00:00:59] I don’t want to do aliens each time with you, but given the fact that the second to last time you were on it was a ratings Bonanza. When you talked about the fact that you had experienced a an encounter with a UFO and we Scott the report or the leaking of what’s potentially in the report from the New York times, we’re all waiting this congressional report and indicates that we still don’t know.

[00:01:19]Is that problematic for you as somebody that has experienced a encounter and you have the documented visual evidence and the testimony of individuals in the Navy, or is it not? Because we can’t make any clear determinations based upon the fact that we have. At least reportedly not have any evidence to indicate that there is extraterrestrial life on earth.

[00:01:46]Craig Peterson: [00:01:46] It depends on what you define as evidence, right? There’s the Roswell theory that somehow we were able to capture a crashed UFO with potentially aliens on board. That would be hard evidence. These types of videos that we’re seeing are all in fact not just a visual videos, but they also include various other frequencies like ultraviolet, infrared.

[00:02:12] They have really done some amazing things in the military in order to track potential enemy targets. So it’s one thing to say that was a cloud. Formation or maybe it was the sun reflecting off of something that might be true in the visual spectrum, Chris. But when we’re talking about all these other frequencies that we’re also monitoring and we see things, and that includes like radar, for instance, which is not affected by any of these visual things that we might see in the sky ourselves.

[00:02:42] Chris Ryan: [00:02:42] And the personal testimony as well. There was the there was the individual that was captain of the Naval ship that said there’s basically daily occurrences that they would, or I shouldn’t say daily currency. It was regular that they would see these types of phenomena and the pilots and everybody else.

[00:02:58]In my view, the report is going to indicate that yes, these things are seen, but we can’t clearly say who is responsible for it because we don’t have the, that much evidence. I think that’s the direction that the report is going. Your thoughts on that before we move on.

[00:03:14] Yeah. We’d have to have our hands on it.

[00:03:16] It’s just like when I had the encounter I wasn’t taking anything away from it. If all you’re doing is observing it. Through multiple frequencies. Again, we know something was there. We know it could move in ways that we just can’t imagine. Yes, absolutely. It’s I obviously, I believe in these things, I saw them or I’ve seen them before.

[00:03:39] My mother has seen them before. I know people personally who have had muddle encounters. I know people who say they can summon UFO’s. And have them come down and I’ve seen the videos that they’ve taken it. This is a very interesting topic, but I agree with you again, Chris. I don’t think anything totally earth shattering is going to come out of this.

[00:04:01] It’s going to be, yeah. We’re seeing something, we have hard evidence that something was there, but there’s no way to tell exactly what it

[00:04:08] was Beth. And I’m jealous of the people that can summon UFO’s. Cause I don’t feel like you have any real power until you can summon a UFO Avenger. Yeah. Yeah. I got you.

[00:04:17] You can do whatever you want. Like I could discuss policy with anybody go to any sporting event, but unless you can some on a UFO, I feel like I’m a failure in life.

[00:04:26] Craig Peterson: [00:04:26] Yeah, it’s interesting the way they do it too. In, it’s a mental thing. They feel that as well, they have a mental bridge with these people.

[00:04:34]The law of one people. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with them or not, but some of the things that they’ve been doing and then they use lasers in order to help the UFO’s kind of pick what exactly where they are and call them up. And. And I’ve seen videos of entire smaller, modest, if you will, of these lights in the sky coming down and various types of light patterns and movements and just disappear again with.

[00:05:02] With 50 witnesses, who all say it absolutely happened.

[00:05:06] Chris Ryan: [00:05:06] Let’s move on to Russia and the most recent cyber hack involving a major meat producer Brazilian based JBS. So just the latest on that in your view. As we heard early on that the Biden administration was pushing the Kremlin as to whether they were responsible for this attack.

[00:05:26] We haven’t seen a lot of reporting basically on the circumstance surrounding JBS. They’re able to regain control of that. There wasn’t any it would appear major supply chain issues at this point in regard to beef production and distribution. What are your thoughts on this?

[00:05:43]Craig Peterson: [00:05:43] JBS is a pretty standard case nowadays.

[00:05:47] And I talked over the weekend here on my show about something I’m going to be releasing. Hopefully I’ll get it finished today, but it gives some real evidence. Again, evidence-based that this major set of attacks, including what we saw from colonial is in fact, coming from Russia and that is. That when the ransomware first gets onto your computer system, it checks to see if you have one of, about a dozen different keyboards.

[00:06:15] Now, those keyboards are keyboards of countries that are part of the OIC, these independent states, if you will. That used to be part of the Soviet union. So the way the ransomware works and I went into some detail, I’m going to send out some videos today or tomorrow to all of my subscribers. You can see how to do it yourself.

[00:06:36] But when most ransomware gets on your computer, Chris, the first thing it does is say, do you have a Russian keyboard or Belarus or Armenian a number of different keyboards that looks for, if you have a Russian keyboard immediately? It goes ahead and doesn’t install itself just exits immediately. And the theory behind this, and by the way, it can be just a virtual keyboard.

[00:07:01] Doesn’t have to be a real keyboard. The theory really now comes forward. Why would they do that? Is it because these bad guys are based in an area where the Russians. Have enough control that they could grab them and throw them into a Gulag somewhere. And that seems to be what we in the security community are thinking is happening.

[00:07:22] So yeah, it really looks like it’s coming from Russia. And we just had the energy secretary yesterday on CNN, Jennifer Granholm, say that. Yeah, they’re happening all the time. I see them all the time. My customers are getting attacked multiple times a second. Even they’re getting scanned and.

[00:07:42] President Biden came out with two executive orders now that are mandating that the federal government and its suppliers start really locking things down. And we’ve been working with a lot of companies in order to do that, but it smells a lot of that. This was really a Russian thing. And as again, secretary Granholm said over the weekend, we cannot pay ransoms.

[00:08:07] All it’s doing is encouraging them and to see colonial pipeline, give them four and a half million dollars. Just absolutely blows my mind. I agree.

[00:08:17]Chris Ryan: [00:08:17] It’s one of the basic principles and basically, cyber attackers are terrorists. You don’t pay the terrorists, you don’t pay them. Because when you do the next time, they want more money.

[00:08:28] It also in create creates environment of like-minded individuals are going to start to perpetrate these crimes and it’s pretty easy for them to do and it seems like a lot of government entities and businesses are running blind. Craig, we got to run. Thank you so much. Take care. Craig Peterson, host of tech talk. You’re on news radio 610 and 96.7 Saturdays and Sundays at 1130.

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