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Nation-States are continuing their push for superiority by stealing the intellectual property from US Companies. Listen in to find out who, what and for what.

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Nation-State Cyber Theft May Cause US Aerospace Downfall

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Hello, hello, everybody. Welcome to course Craig Peterson here on the air at WGAN and online so you’ll find me on Craig Peterson dot com. In fact, if you sign up there and Craig Peterson dot com slash subscribe, you will be getting copies of all of the articles I’m talking about today, as well as alerts just like kind of that FBI pin that we were just talking about. But right now we are going to talk about our friends from China. As you can see, that’s the title of this segment right now.

You know, this is this is a real problem for so many businesses, frankly. How do you deal with the problem of cyber theft and what is it What’s going on? Most businesses just plain aren’t aware of it. And they aren’t doing anything about it. It’s, again, I’m think I mentioned this earlier, it’s kind of like the ostrich with the head in the sand. Right? If I don’t see it, it’s not real, it’s not happening. Well, we already know that there have been 10s of billions of dollars of intellectual property theft that have happened. We’ve got President Trump out there right now, who is trying to negotiate with China to make it so that we don’t have to give our intellectual property to the Chinese military. Remember, the socialist government in China requires all of their companies to follow their orders, and they have some pretty brutal ways of enforcing that idea. So yeah, there’s some problems now, what China has been doing is if you want to have a business in China, first of all, you can start one you can Be the owner of a business in China, it has to be a Chinese national right, goes back to that throat to choke. I mentioned the last segment. And the that Chinese national now is under the thumb of the Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army. And the socialist government wants all of this stuff, all of this information so that it can continue to grow. And it’s interesting to see companies like Google, Google’s artificial intelligence lab, is in China. They have I think it’s three artificial intelligence facilities over in China. So companies that are going to China, not only have to have a Chinese national in the majority of the company there in China, but all of your intellectual property has to be given to the socialist government and the Chinese military. So President Trump is saying, Wait a minute, this doesn’t make sense. We’re losing our country. Kind of advantage by giving all of this intellectual material to China. It’s just not fair to us at all. Because we are building all of this really cool stuff. We have spent billions of dollars and trying to develop technology only do have it stolen by China. Now, if you look at Apple and what Apple does, they kind of keep some of their technology separate. So they’ll load up some software in the US. They’re building their high end machines here in the US now, and they’re trying to keep this stuff safe. But because of the trade embargoes, the tariffs that are going on, there have been a lot of companies that have moved out of China, which I think is really, really good. I remember back in the late 90s, Walmart had signs everywhere Made in America. And some of this stuff wasn’t it was being made in China and then Walmart shifted to live over the last 20 years. Almost every Everything is made in China. I hope to see that change. So what China’s trying to do it now is okay. So if you bring your business to China, you’ve now given us all of your intellectual property. That’s the problem, right, obviously. So some businesses are not taking their intellectual property to China. There are businesses who are here in the United States, who are contractors or subcontractors or sub sub contractors, to the military. And they have certain requirements to have us citizens working for them to keep information quiet and secret. The I tars compliance, so we’ve talked about on the show before the default requirement, and and that is some of that extends also to research that is being done by our universities. So how is China going to get their hands on all of this information? Well, it turns out what they have apparently been doing is they send people over to go to American universities and work in some of these university programs. And take that information then and bring it back to China acting effectively as spies for China. So they go back to China, they use that intellectual property, they use it for the PLA for their socialist military over in China. And they use it to compete on an unfair footing with the US and with other countries. Now, most of these universities are more than happy to take the money from the Chinese who want to come over here. And they they don’t care, right. But President Trump’s trying to stop that line. Well, that brings us to what we’re talking about right now. I’m going to put that up on the screen again. But there is an airliner that China is releasing now. It’s called IC 919. This is an airliner that is built domestically in China. And it’s going to become commercially available sometime in the next few years. We’ll see. But here’s what starting to get interesting when they dug into this airplane, when the US dug into the airplane trying to figure out okay, so what components does it have? What is it doing? How did they do this? It got very, very concerning. CrowdStrike is a company you’ve heard about before they are involved with trying to diagnose the break in for the Democratic National Committee. CrowdStrike has been involved in a lot of stuff over the years when it comes to cyber security and they’re pretty darn good at it. Okay, and doing some of these investigations.

Well, CrowdStrike is saying that based on information pieced together from multiple recent US Department of Justice, indictments From CrowdStrike own tracking of turbine Panda, which we my company has had involvement with before, without turbine Panda, by the way, is a Chinese government-backed cyber-espionage group that has been working in aerospace companies since 2010. So based on all of that, and the great article, by the way in dark reading that I’m quoting from you’ll find on my website as well at Craig Peterson calm. But what they have found now is that at least some of the parts to this airplane look like they were stolen directly from the US by spies by people that were in these companies. government contractors government subcontracts, because remember if we’re talking about Boeing, or basically any us manufacturing firm that makes airplanes, though they’re working airplane models that are going to be used by the military, right. So they are US government subcontractors and they have to have a certain level of diligence when it comes to the data they have and how it is all being. How it’s all been controlled. So apparently the scene on 19 It’s a twin jet airliner. It’s China’s first homemade commercial jet. It’s part of their made in China 2025 initiative. And they’re trying to make their country completely self reliant and several key industries, including the military, and man, we could talk about the whole military thing but its phone already it flew about two years ago. And it looks like they have taken some of the technology from Boeing and from Airbus. How’s that for fun? This article goes into a lot of detail on it. But I want to warn you, this is a complex problem. It’s probably happening to you. These business email compromise is that we keep referring to many of them are coming from China. And your data is not safe. Even if you even if you have US citizens, be very, very careful with your data, your citizens working for you because China is getting their hands on it. And that means we will be at a disadvantage from a technology standpoint, maybe a military standpoint, and maybe your business will go under, like a company I know whose whole livelihood is threatened because of this. When we get back we’re going to talk about Microsoft defender and a new feature in it. Of course, you are listening to Craig Peterson. You’re watching me live and you will also see replays online.

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